Healthcare Students Medical And Hospital

The right to health care (medical and hospital) is provided to all students of AEI,

Undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, in accordance with the relevant provisions of Presidential Decree 327/83 (Government Gazette 117 / 09.07.83 vol. A ).

The protoengrafomenoi students of all categories submitted only in radiological examination, after having made their registration and receive a special form of health examination by the secretariat of the faculty. The radiological examination becomes free in the radiology lab of AHEPA Hospital.

From the radiological laboratory of AHEPA announce that the months (September – November) will be examined daily by students from 8:00 to 20:00, according to priority number that will receive upon arrival and tables will be posted in conspicuous places . It also clarifies that accepted chest radiographs and other public hospitals in the country with the same procedure above.

Undergraduate students are losing their healthcare rights if the duration of their studies beyond the minimum prescribed time plus half. Graduate students lose those rights if the duration of their studies beyond the minimum prescribed time plus half.

For the last year of study, the treatment is extended beyond the end of the academic year, until December 31, for those who have not received their qualification by then.

Features – cost coverage

H healthcare students is free. The treatment is provided in Bv location of hospitals or clinics by invoice applies each time the civil servants.

The costs of health care covered by the budget of the university or Student Club.

H health care of students includes:

Medical examination,
hospital examination,
pharmaceutical care,
paramedical examinations,
examination at home,
dental care and
No costs are covered for:

Hearing Aids,
basic medicines,
medical tools and instruments,
corrective lenses in excess of EUR 3 and contact lenses in excess of EUR 15,
eyeglass frame in excess of EUR 6,
exclusive nurse and remuneration
plastic surgeries.
care booklet
Each student may hold the individual health care booklet. The booklet given to the student to request the secretariat of the section and where he has not selected another insurer. If the passbook loss is possible to replace the 2 months.

The strength of the book is updated annually by the section secretariat.

providing care Place
O student in need of medical care may appear for each day during working days at fixed times in clinics Student Club (New Egnatia corner and C September) or in the health service doctor university or affiliated with the university to doctor considered.

During his coming necessary is the presentation of care booklet.

H care is generally within the Greek territory and in particular:

Students who are at the headquarters of the university.
Students who participate in university excursions or do practical training or prepare graduation thesis outside the headquarters of the university in the place brought or prepare thesis or the place that showed the need for hospitalization.
Students who need special treatment that can not be provided in the city that is the seat of the university. In this case opinion required the responsible doctor of the Student Club of the University or the doctor of medical service of A.E.I. or a panel with this doctor and approval of the Board of Appeal.
Students who are away from home university and if the incident is deemed urgent. In this case the student is obliged to inform the Health Service of the Students Club or the competent board of the department of state within the next two business days.
Authorizing the expenditure, unless other documents required public (hospital doctor’s certificate, rural clinic etc.) and approval of the board of the Student Club or the responsible Board of Appeal.

Insurer Election
If the student is entitled directly or indirectly by another healthcare insurer may choose the insurer prefers whenever a solemn declaration made by the university. Then the cost will be borne by the insurer selected by the student.

If the insurer only covers hospital and medical care or part of the cost of hospitalization university or Student Club covers the remaining costs.

Hospital care
H-hospital care provided in hospitals N.P.D.D. institutions and preferably in university clinics. H care may be provided in hospitals N.P.I.D. institutions or in private clinics where the public institutions are not operating segments based or from a lack of bed when the incident is deemed urgent. In this case paid the corresponding medical expenses of Bv position in hospitals.

H introduction to these institutions is made after the student is provided with the corresponding ticket from the health service office of the Student Club.

H process can be bypassed:

When the service is slow.
When the incident is considered urgent.
In these cases must within two working days from the introduction to notify the Student Club health service by the patient or by someone familiar or from the hospital to the club doctor to decide on the urgency of the case.

Failing notification and non-certification of import need from the doctor of the Student Club or the relevant A.E.I., the cost will be borne entirely by the student.

The results of the student’s medical examinations are announced only to the same or to his parents if he is willing and he.

Dental care
H dental care is provided for students of the University of Thessaloniki in the laboratories of the Dental Department of Thessaloniki University and in government hospitals having Dental Department.

H care relates to therapeutic work is similar to that of civil servants.

The laboratories of the Dental Department may refer students to a private dentist for extraction cases or treatment of infectious diseases of the mouth, but not for prostheses.

Pharmaceutical care
The recipes of medical drugs listed on the student care booklet may be granted: