Homemade Remedies For Burns

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If you are suffering from first degree burns, these home remedies will help you relieve the pain.

You should never cover the point that has been burned or apply toothpaste on it.

The high temperature may cause burns very severe and dangerous to the skin layers. These burns are classified according to the intensity and seriousness of the situation.

If you suffer from a burn on any part of your body, you have to moisten with cold water. This should be done as soon as possible as it will reduce the burning sensation while preventing blisters appear. If you happen to have your ice close, it will be even more effective than cold water, especially if you let it melt over the area you’ve burned. However, you may feel a little more intense pain in the beginning will position it over the burn, but worth it as it will remove the burn in minutes.

burns Classification
There are three categories of burn: First, second and third degree and is very important to recognize the degree of intensity of a burn so you can look after it better and be cured as soon as possible.

First degree burns
Such burns out in slight burns which redden the skin and cause a slight burning sensation, but show no blisters.

Second degree burns
In this case, showing blistering and redness of the area with a moderate burning sensation.

third degree burns
These are the most serious burns destroy as much of the flesh and can reach up to the lower layers of the skin. In many cases it may be seen in fat, muscle, and bone.

Burning iron could be classified in the first or second degree burns, though burns from cooking such as boiling water, hot oil, or any desserts such as jams can be so severe as those of the third degree.

You should go directly to the hospital if you suffer from third degree burns, but if you are a light first or second degree burn can simply follow the following treatments:

Treatment for minor burns

The first thing to do is to remove anything that touches on the specific area such as clothes, jewelry and generally anything that could hinder the care of burn.

The next step is to moisten the point where you have burned or put ice on it to relieve the sensation of burning.

You need at all costs to avoid the appearance of blisters, as it could easily become infected because they let the wound completely uncovered. You must constantly check the if the blister breaks it created an even more painful situation, if secretes yellow or green fluid, immediate medical care to cope with the infection properly.

Similarly, you should never put toothpaste or oil on the burn as they will worsen the symptoms rather than smooth out.

You should also avoid to cover the burning, but you can apply a special ointment for burns that will help you avoid infection.

In which cases should visit a doctor for a burn?

You should go to the hospital if you suffer from a major or deep burns, especially if the burns from boiling water, electricity, or corrosive substances.

You should also see a doctor if the sunburn affects are the face, genitals, legs, hands or if you are suffering from some kind of heart or respiratory disease. In any case, it is advisable to cover the particular area with wet, cold cloth while waiting to take care of you by a doctor.

Homemade remedies for burns care
These treatments are recommended only in the case of light, first-degree burns:

potato slices
The potato slice is very effective to reduce the sensation of burning caused by burns. Place the slice in the area that you burn out and leave it for three minutes. Repeat the process three times a day.


The honey is a powerful antihistamine prevents infections and speeds healing.

For fast and effective results should put enough honey in the area have been burned several times a day, rinsing the area with warm water whenever you apply the honey, but always careful not to hurt the burn.

Vitamin E capsules
Vitamin E is very effective to burn care, especially for the prevention of scarring. Crush the capsule and spread the liquid in the region that have been burned twice daily.

Aloe Vera

This plant contains crystals that are ideal for burn care. It helps to relieve the feeling of burning and accelerates the healing process. You can apply three times a day and rinse with warm water.

Homemade remedies for burns care is simple, easy and inexpensive, but their biggest advantage is that they have no side effects and are very effective as they are all natural. Therefore, whenever you face any kind of burn, now you know what to do. Do not forget! Healthy figures