How Many Calories Equals a Pound of Fat?

To lose weight or you manage to keep your weight need to figure out.

How many calories you take daily from the foods you eat and how much energy you spend through various activities you do.

If the intake of calories is equal to the energy expenditure then the weight will remain stable, while to begin to lose pounds must be “cut” some calories from your daily meals and/or to move more.
One pound of fat equals 7,000 approx calories. So if you reduce the daily energy intake by 500 calories, you will lose about a pound a week (500 calories × 7 d = 3,500 calories).
Of course, things are not so simple, Healthy figures  since the reduction in calorie intake does not mean exclusively fat loss and loss of fluid and lean tissue.

To calculate your daily energy expenditure, you must know the basic metabolism you (BMR) and then deduct physical activity levels. The basal metabolism shows how many calories you consume in absolute rest within 24 hours depending on the weight, height, $ex and age. After you calculate your basal metabolism (by clicking here ), multiply the number that will come with the number that corresponds to your lifestyle:

– Sedentary (little or no exercise): BMR × 1,2

– Very mild exercise (gymnastics relaxed/walking 1-3 times a week): BMR × 1,375

– Mild exercise (moderate intensity exercise 3-5 times a week): BMR × 1,55

– Active life (increased intensity exercise 6-7 times a week): BMR × 1,725

– Very active life (increased intensity exercise/sport and occupation that requires intense physical stress): BMR × 1,9

Healthy figures