How Often Should You Wash Bath Cloths

We use the towels when we already washed our hands or have a bath, so it could be assumed that it is among the neatest things that are in the house. But the reality is far …

Towels piled diverse microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, dead skin cells, urine and fecal traces and in general what is a bathroom, and we would not come upon them.

The specialist in hygiene Philip Tierno, a microbiologist, and physician at the Medical School of the University of New York recommends washing the towels after just three years in order to avoid infections.
“If the towel smell this means that there are in this bacteria, so it must be washed,” the expert said, stressing however that it is difficult to judge whether these bacteria are pathogenic or not. Although most microorganisms present in a home is not dangerous, the infection is more likely in the case of sharing a towel. This is because when we use the same towel to someone else then exposed to the germs, which are alien to our own organization. A germ is often conveyed through the common use of the pad is Staphylococcus aureus, which may result from a pimple by pasta in the eye.
The towels are the ideal setting to grow the bacteria and fungi, as they provide moisture, heat, oxygen, pH neutral and “food” (skin cells).
So be sure to frequently wash bath towels, especially if the specific location of the house is not well ventilated and therefore moisture levels remain constantly high.