How Quickly You Can Get His Muscles Thor?

May we recommend the David Kingsbury, a leading British personal

Trainer specializing in body transformations, with tools not some sophisticated visual effects projects, but the hard work under bares.Ta last 11 years David has managed to build and sculpted the bodies of many super cast of action movie, with famous achievement was the transformation of muscle volume -as Wolverine Hugh Jackman.

Recently Kingsbury made a more miracle. He built and carved muscles of Chris Hemsworth on the role requirements (third time) as the god of thunder and lightning. In the new movie Thor: Ragnarok (2017) the Hemsworth became even bigger, more muscular and more slices than ever. And all this dramatically fast.

Below, the David Kingsbury reveals the Askmen the rapid muscle size reconstruction of the new Thor program.

And you followed his advice and become god muscle until June.

> What is the goal: Rapid muscle growth

> How the program works: More work in less time for faster improvement of muscular body composition.

> What you’ll find difficulty: The high intensity of exercises in combination with the rapid pace of execution, will definitely ,

> Where intended this cut-throat training rate: in stimulating the cardiovascular system, boost metabolism, and the awakening of hormones that increase muscle and burn fat.

A workout tailored for the gods


> Choose a weight you can lift 12 times in the first set.

> Try now to executions until 50 reps.

> Make only 20-30 seconds break, not more.

> Continued for another set.

> If you can, make another.

> Maintain the pace of implementation in soon who can afford today. Tomorrow will be faster. And the next time even more.

> Execute the program day by day

The exercises for the first two weeks
  1. Pressures feet in leg press
  2. Chest Press
  3. Spare pulley
  4. Pressures shoulders with dumbbells
  5. biceps curl with dumbbells
  6. Push ups

The exercises for the next three weeks

  1. squat with barbell
  2. Chest Press with dumbbells on bench
  3. Chin ups on the horizontal bar
  4. Upright rowing with dumbbells on bench
  5. biceps curl in a reclining bench
  6. Push ups with medicine ball

(All of the above, minimum 12CH3)