How Resilient is Your Skin? Make The Test

Make the … prick tests and learn if your skin remains elastic or not.

The skin is an elastic tissue, which means that if they are in good condition should normally after each pressure, crushing or stretching too quickly return to the position of, regaining its original shape.

Make the “pinch test”
1- loosely touched your left palm on the table or in the office and opened his fingers. Take care of your dial of the watch is pointing upwards.
2- Place your thumb and of your right index finger on the upper surface of the left palm, in the area between the wrist and the fingers. Grab as much skin as you can, shake hard enough for 15 seconds and then let it.
3- See on your watch how many seconds it took the skin to regain its previous appearance.
4– Results: If your skin back directly, then retains its elasticity. If you need 3 seconds or more -as more so worse then it is not in good condition and has lost part of its elasticity.
What ages your skin?
*Extrinsic factors damage and ageing skin
*Solar radiation
*Toxic environment and food
*Radiation of all kinds
*Drugs, drug use
*Malnutrition, nutritional deficiencies
*Unhealthy Lifestyle
*Excessive alcohol consumption
*Sudden weight changes, deprivation diets
*insufficient hydration
*sleep disorders, late nights
*chronic stress
*Inadequate hygiene, care and protection
*Infections, inflammation, diseases
*Free radicals, oxidative stress
*unsuitable cosmetics
*Late or incorrect treatment of skin problems
Characteristics of ageing skin: Skin loose, irregular thickness and lack of flexibility. Deep wrinkles. Dull appearance. Dryness, roughness or brittleness. Dark spots. Telangiectasias. Atrophic scars. Hyperplasias. Keratoses.