How To Check The Bad Blood Circulation Care and Tips

Poor blood circulation can have many causes, such as high cholesterol, poor eating foods rich in fiber, eating very salty food, and inadequate fluid intake.

The consumption of excessive amounts of saturated fat can lead to high cholesterol, which causes damage to the blood vessels and causes them to lose their elasticity, which must be maintained so that the blood flows freely in all arteries. The immediate consequence of this is obviously causing various problems in the circulatory system. In this article, we will see how to deal with naturally poor circulation.

blood circulation and tips


You can make a gentle but firm massage with a good cream starting from the feet and go up to your muscles. In this way, the blood flow increases and all the problems in circulation will be reduced significantly.

Consumption of foods that bring the blood pressure

Foods that can alleviate the problems in the circulatory system and also improvements in blood pressure are numerous. Among these are:


Skimmed milk
citrus trees

Giving up smokingbloodcirculation care and tips For many years it has been proven that smoking is one of the main enemies of human health. A cause of serious diseases of the circulatory system and can significantly increase blood pressure.

Make hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a massage performed using a strong jet of hot and cold water alternately. In this way, the blood circulation is stimulated and immediately begins to take place normally. This treatment can be applied every two days with ease.

Eating cayenne peppers

blood circulation care and tipsRed pepper contains capsaicin, a compound that has the ability to stimulate and activate the cardiovascular system, which significantly contributes to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It also contributes to effectively reduce atherosclerosis attack probabilities, i.e. hardening of the arteries, which causes many problems in the entire circulatory system.

Lift your feet up

When you return home, you should give yourself a few minutes to relax a little while and rest after a day of long hours. What you can do is to pick up on little feet tall. This will help the blood to easily return and will enable its release.

Foot baths

A very simple way reactivation of blood circulation is to dip your feet in a basin of warm water mixed with a quarter of grated ginger. You’ll love it!

Make tea with ginkgo Biloba

It is a natural remedy highly recommended for improving poor circulation because it has very flexible.

Drink a glass of red wine

The habit of drinking a glass of red wine every day with your main meal will help you improve blood circulation, but it should be just one glass a day.

Drink coffee

People who drink one to two cups of coffee a day are less likely to face problems of poor circulation of blood. This is due to the flavonoids contained between its ingredients.

Do not salt abuse

It is important to decrease the consumption of salty foods as much as possible because this contributes to higher blood pressure and fluid retention.

Work gently and regularly

The best and simplest exercise you can do every day to improve your blood circulation and prevent bigger problems is simply walking. Walk for at least half an hour. Proper hydration is also essential for good health in general.