How to choose an artificial lashes eyes tips


Artificial eyelashes, originally invented for movies, 6 supermodel Twiggy even became part of the image, which has made it more popular for their existence. Artificial eyelashes has not lost its relevance. Usually, it’s with the makeup to look natural, because too much use of their daily life, a beautiful ends.


The basic tips to consider before making a purchase:

1. Select the correct size of the lashes,
Perhaps you do not want features outweigh eyelashes, unless of course a costume party for not preparing and your goal is noticeable lashes. Select the correct frequency, length and type of lashes, which corresponds to the shape of your face.

2. How much do you want to look natural?
It is also important, as the thickness and length of lashes selective in your choice, because fatter or taller Lash cigarettes, the more it seems artificial. I have treated too thick artificial lashes, because it looks good in photographs.

3. Design your lashes
Shorten your lash several parts of the axis or hold the shape of the eye and not be afraid of experimenting perfectly fit. In this way you will know well what is good for you and what you can Sachs. Artificial lash adjustment instruction for review

Artificial eyelashes are a great choice, but singled out several types of human, animal or synthetic hair.


Natural / Natural
Artificial eyelashes, which are united in this group, most of the natural stands. If the lash line and in the middle part of the axis sheamokleb daimagreb, get frequent lash effect, no one can think of, that your eyelashes, your display. Buy here
Tip / Spike
This type of relatively thick eyelashes, pointed bottom, bound samples. A good way, if you are inspired by retro make-up, especially in the ’70s make-up suits. Often used for the red carpet to look more attractive. Buy here.

Crossed / Crisscross X
Some types, such as the small size of the eye lash all had failed. In this case, the more dramatic, Crossed lashes, which snapped the form of X creates your best friend does. Buy here.
Cat eye” makeup. Visually, it was extended to the cut eye. Buy here.
Full, frequent / Full
If you want drama, it lashes ravishment. Them from the legendary Twiggy – balderdash the long way and still retain their popularity. Buy here.
Fine / Wisps
This type of lashes, usually consists of pieces of varying length. They can be adjusted in many ways: Glamour, elegant or even qoveldghuiuri makeup. Buy here.

 Little Ties / Clusters
Sometimes, you need the details of the probing, Lash small bundles of the eye can form and frequency control and lash it to make more expressive. Buy here.
Individual / Individual
Individual lashes per cherish consists Lash this species, which can be used in the most difficult, but the most natural results, such that these little tricks closest friends will not even notice it. Buy here.
My advice would be a different situation, to have simultaneously several types of lashes: Every day, for the party, a costume for the evening, etc.