How To Practice Your Brain


Can the IQ, according to experts, be genetically predetermined, but that does not mean that there are no simple, everyday ways to increase the functional intelligence of your brain.

In other words, you “coaching” him, to have him always in shape. Why your brain is capable of amazing things and the more you use it, the stronger becomes.

Use your brain

True: what you do not use, is wasted. Practicing your brain will keep your mind sharp. People who are more active in intellectual challenge activities are less likely to have Alzheimer’s. Try these:

> Read a book.

> Go to a lecture.

> Listen radio.

> Play a game.

> Visit a museum.

> Learn a foreign language.

Mix things

Do you remember as a kid trying to talk backwards? Researchers at Duke University have created exercises called “neurobics”, which cause your brain to think in new ways. As your five senses is the key to learning, use them to practice for your mind. If you are right-handed, try to use your left hand. Go to work in another way. Close your eyes and see if you can identify a food by the taste of