How to Straighten Your Hair


Regardless of trends every season, smooth hair never go out of fashion. Therefore, we give you advice and recommend specific products for you -Boris to run to the hairdresser! – To straighten your hair quickly, efficiently and above all without the troubled …

1. Shampoo with some of the special shampoo that facilitates hair straightening. Then necessarily apply conditioner to soften. For even better results, do not wash your hair bending her head down, but upright.
2. Gently pat your hair without the rub, and start to dry them with the dryer, passing in between your fingers. Do not however completely dry! The hair should retain about 70% of their moisture. If particularly wild or frizzy, we recommend using a product that does not need rinsing (leave-in), before drying.
3. Divide and run the tuft-lock to a large round brush natural hair, starting at the rear and leading upward. A clasp will help to keep the remaining hair gathered. You need to download the hair parallel to the lock, to smooth the outer surface of the hair.
4. Apply a serum immediately after to smooth the edges and avoid frizz.

What to do if …
Use press Hair: The hair should be completely dry, even better if you bathe the day before. In order to protect it from damage, apply a special cream for straightening that will protect them from the heat. Follow the same method we describe for straightening the hair, separating the clump-clump of hair and lowering the press parallel to the hair with a continuous motion.