How To Tone Your Chest Muscles

The breast area may lose its firmness for many reasons, such as breastfeeding, age, and weight loss.

However, there are simple exercises that help you tighten and tone your chest muscles.

When you start any type of exercise, you are sure to do the necessary heating and start doing very simple exercises that do not require excessive force. Then slowly and gradually increase the intensity and duration.

You need to make frequent repetitions of exercises with devotion; remember to make at least three times a week in order to tighten and tone your chest muscles.


Exercises for tight chest
Exercise # 1
Lie on your back on a bench, stretch your back to be level with your feet tread firmly on the floor. Tighten your abdominal muscles and grab a dumbbell in each hand, keeping your front at an angle of ninety degrees. Start stretching your arms upwards, and then lowering it to slowly; do fifteen to twenty repetitions.

Another exercise you can do on the bench is to maintain its previous position and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Keep in front of you, at the height of your chest, then open your arms slowly to the side, trying to keep them at shoulder height. Raise them slowly again, for twenty repetitions.

Exercise # 2
Join the palms of your hands, trying to keep your wrists in front of your chin. Try your hands touch without your fingers to separate. Breathe slowly and deeply. Repeat twenty times.

Exercise # 3
Stretch your arms and place them in front of you, closing the fist of one hand and putting the open palm of the other hand on it. Press firmly as if you wanted to push the one hand to the other side. Make ten to fifteen repetitions for each pressure arm.

The exercises proposed for a toned and tight chest is very simple to perform and quite effective. If done regularly, the results will be quickly visible.