How To Whiten Dark Armpits Healthy Tips


The underarm area is very sensitive and many females want to hide the fact that their skin is darker than the skin of the rest of the hand area.

This may be due to the use of deodorant, exudation, shaving, etc.

In this article, we will look at the possible causes of this problem and will see some natural ways to whiten the armpits or to make them lighter.

Excessive sweating
If excessive sweating is the reason why your armpits are darker, you should keep in brain that sweat is one of the ways that has the body to remove toxins. So it is not a good idea to use products that completely stop sweat, although there are several on the business.

To narrow naturally excessive sweating, you can do the following:
Eat astringent foods such as green tea or tea of avocado fruit.
You can not only drink but also to apply local brew of sage.
often clean your armpits with water with red clay. Mix a little water and wash your armpits with the mixture. Use as a compress with a towel.
Use compendium. The seeds absorb sweat and stopped and the creation of bacteria responsible for malodorous. It also prevents sensitivity and redness. Apply just where you sweat more, morning and evening, but avoid open wounds.
Remember that stress causes more sweating.

Accumulation of dead cells
Our skin continuously regenerated, but dead cells are discharged often accumulate in the outer layers of the epidermis. To prevent such a situation, do gentle exfoliation with a little baking soda every week or two, always before making dilapidation avoid sensitivities. Remember to rinse the skin after application and put moisturizer.

Products with alcohols and aromas
It is not good to use such products, which are aggressive to the skin of the armpit. The skin in the area is very thin and more sensitive if you waxing. Use only natural and organic products, such as deodorant stones that can be found in pharmacies.

Hair removal
Perhaps the hair removal method you use to darken your armpits. Therefore we recommend finding alternatives to shaving. Ideally, use wax. After waxing, we recommend using scar gel or makeup, such as aloe gel or cream calendar.

The underarm area may also have some contamination due to poor health or other reasons. Due to the shape of the region, here accumulates moisture, so you need appropriate treatment in order to stay clean and dry. You can choose a deodorant that contains tea tree, which is a bactericide and fungicide. Alternatively, buy essential oil of the same plant, mix it with a moisturizer and apply the mixture daily armholes.

Friction from clothing
Very tight clothing can also irritate and darken the underarm area. It is advisable to avoid synthetic fabrics, which have such outcomes. Also, be careful not to wear too tight sleeves or braces.

naturally bleaches
Very likely already have in your house some products or foods that can help whiten your armpits naturally, without any risk to darken further.

Lemon helps remove dead skin cells and also whitens the points which have to darken over time. It is also deodorant. Do not hesitate to use every day. How; Simply cut a lemon in half and rub it on your armpits. Allow a few minutes, until dry and dress. Avoid lemon if recently shaved, it will create an uncomfortable burning sensation.

The potato juice also has bleaching properties. If you have a blender, you have to try it. Tap a small potato and apply the mixture to your armpits using cotton little.

peroxide of hydrogen
Finally, if you have this bleach your home and already know its properties, try it. You know how to Antoine hair but can help the dark underarms. Simply apply some hydrogen peroxide on your armpits every day. You will quickly notice how the area changes color.