“I Lost Weight And Diminished My Chest ‘

Lost Weight

Helen Petroulaki Ivy replied to a question reader of shape.gr and gives fitness tips!

The question of the reader
“I am 23 years old, 1.68 tall and 55 pounds. In recent months I lost five pounds due to reduced appetite, resulting in shortened and my chest, which was … my strong point! You can, therefore, imagine the “drama” My! If regain the weight I lost, I will become as before or it is possible to get to different places? There are some foods that can help me in this? As we exercise, there are exercises you should avoid? ”
Helen Petroulaki,

Mention some tips to look your helpful and will help you: you’ll need strength training exercises for the chest, such as pressures with barbell or dumbbells on flat bench and sloping or machine Chest Press, 4 sets x 10-12 repetitions “answered Helen Petroulaki-Ivic, Personal-Group Trainer, Trainer Power Yoga and Fitness Director of Shape. “It will help in the development of muscle tissue in the breast area, but you should definitely increase your weight because the breast is composed mainly of fat, so to increase your breast is required and the total weight gain in your extended the body. With balanced diet combined with exercise will do it! “The expert concludes. healthy figure