Indigestion How to Avoid the Christmas Table -Health

The period of Christmas and New Year is the most joyful and hopeful time, but it is stressful and hostile to health.

The fatigue, excesses in food, drink, and clubbing, and the absence of any physical activity increases the chances of side effects, including dyspepsia, gastrointestinal problems and heart disorders caused by excessive eating and drinking.

What to Watch

– Do not overdo it with food and drink.
– If you know that one of your food well, avoid completely.
– If you have a problem, digestive, take advance medicine for your stomach doctor has given.

– Remove the fat and skin from meat.
– Eat everything first salad (unless you have a medical reason to avoid) and then the main course.
– Do you prefer grilled meats (grilled or spit) of fried, oven, hull etc?
– Do not nibble snacks from the platters.
– Do not eat fruits immediately after eating.
– Drink plenty of water.

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