Items Affecting Intelligence


When you eat, breathe, and even the influence of advertising, created a direct or indirect effect on your health, your body, but sometimes on your own decisions.

For this reason it needs great attention to products and substances that negatively affect your intelligence and health.

The intelligence, for example, is the more sensitive function of the human body in terms changes and malfunctions. For it is important to understand a little about those substances that negatively affect the functions of the brain. In this regard, the products you consume can be either your best friends or your worst enemies. They can cause damage to your brain, the most important perhaps organ of your body and the most necessary.


Below we will talk about some products and substances that may affect your intelligence.

All foods that contain large amounts of sugar, have a negative impact not only on your silhouette but something even more important: your mind. Consequently, it can simultaneously create a malfunction in your ability to learn and attention deficit.
When you hire foods rich in sugar adverse neurological effects will not be long before they occur. One of these may be the difficulty in learning or memory loss. Without doubt this is a sensitive issue because no one wants to suffer from health problems or even aesthetic appearance.


Nicotine is another substance that can cause irreparable damage to your intelligence. Although it is not itself the nutritional product, many people consume. Nicotine can cause severe brain damage due to blood circulation reduction in the brain, which is extremely important for the proper functioning of the body.

Nicotine can cause many problems beyond those already may know, such as:

Bad breath, which undoubtedly destroys every appointment.
Premature aging, which will surely make aesthetically less attractive.
lung cancer, leading to premature death.

Negatively affects neurotransmitters pressing the blood vessels, which are important for the proper brain function.


Junk food
Recent studies have shown that junk food (junk food) causes damage to brain function. This is because changing the chemistry of the brain, possibly leading to depression and perhaps to stress, especially if it is not followed by a balanced diet.

This type of food blocking the production of a substance called dopamine, which is responsible for creating such feelings of peace and happiness and for the proper functioning of the body. And if all this is not enough, dopamine works in tandem with our cognitive system, which means that the normal production of this substance is affected as affected learning and memory mechanisms in the body.

Pre-cooked food
As the processed food, precooked like fries that if consumed in large quantities can damage the central nervous system, creating degenerative brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Remember ……
Concluding this article I would like to remind you that you should pay special attention to what you eat because it will always cause a reaction in your body, both externally and internally. This means that the substances ingested can endanger your external appearance while, affecting how the various organs of your body. It is absolutely essential to have good habits, as you follow a balanced diet, engaging in some sports and do periodic health examinations to exclude any abnormality in your health.