Lip Care-To Is All About Kissing Enjoy a Moment

lips care

Care lip as they deserve after laugh, talk and kiss for you!

Care in depth!

The thinner the skin of your lips greater and care they need to offer them!

Hydration is the first and foremost movement to maintain their beautiful appearance. As they are exposed to the elements, they need moisture all day! with this simple movement will, therefore, earn their healthy appearance, after maintaining the correct moisture levels ensures significant protection against external attacks!

*Attention! Do not lick your lips to moisten. Saliva not only moisturise, but does it even drier and dry than before

* Secret: For perfectly hydrated lips naturally spread on the surface a very small amount of honey before sleep and let it act all night. In the morning rinse with lukewarm water. You will be surprised with the result!

Rebuild Now!

The lips are moved virtually continuously during the day! The faces are a means of expression but as swipe, your lips generated unwanted vertical lines-the same happens when you smoke.

So to keep the elastic and youthful contour of your lips but to quit smoking is certainly very important step … As for the faces … Because life is beautiful to be a joyful with all your senses, so regular use of a special toner and grinding lip will have immediate results

*Attention! She spread the tonic product on your lips and waited to spend 1-2 minutes before you paint it, to absorb as much as possible its ingredients!

Secret: To stimulate natural circulation of blood and the volume of your lips, before He care or makeup the surface with an ice cube that you wrap a clean tissue!

Hydration, Color and Glow!

Even the most wonderful color looks unnatural on dry and chapped lips. Since we have cared for their health, it’s time to dress the color you prefer!

The lip gloss, in particular, have the capacity to provide the sensitive lips even more so oils and moisturizing! These with their shiny micro granules ensure even longer to color them in creamy texture more care and all without exception make lips look more fleshy.

Attention! For perfect colour performance and to avoid cracks, before the paint it, gently rub your lips with a damp soft cloth and clean with a brush or with a little sugar will stretch with wet fingers

Secret: The colour you choose, except that, emphasises your features, betraying and elements of your character!

So if you prefer reddish colours reveals your passion for life, tonnes of pink / lilac witness a romantic soul, the dark shades your sophisticated mood and physicists almost colourless tones, a calm character who knows how to claim