Lips, Hands, and Skin to “Explode” in Winter

The skin is particularly vulnerable in the winter because of the cold, the wind and the large temperature difference indoors and outdoors.

The skin of the lips and hands are the first “victims” of the drop in temperature. See then what to do to “revive” these three sensitive points of the skin.


Beauty lips


Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and use at home moisture balancing device.
Do not forget to use moisturizing lip products, but when you go outside the house always prefer someone who has and SPF from sunlight. Avoid excessive exposure to the sun and air.
Do not lick your lips as you may feel temporary relief, but actually, aggravates the already “cracked” lips.



The winter is particularly “tough” with your hands.

Washing them often can limit the risk of the flu or common cold, but increase the risk of dryness. If you do not wear gloves when you work at home or when you go out in cold air, then your hands are prone to dryness. So you use regularly throughout the day cream with glycerine.


The “cracked” heels no problem of summer and winter, and even in the most painful form. The reason is naturally dry skin.

If you have corns on the feet, it gets worse. In some cases, the dry “cracked” heels can be a source of infection or make walking painful. Keep your feet healthy moisturizing them regularly with a suitable cream. For best result, you can put an amount of moisturizing cream on your feet and wear a pair of thick socks during sleep.

The result will be visible very soon.