Lips and Tongue to Hold Plastic at What Age and Why is it Necessary?

Lips and dentofacial bridle system language is an important part.

They naochebia mucous membranes, which are typically located at the center of the line and provide additional securing of the jaws of the lips and tongue.
The body into small parts in many ways: correct to speak and occlusion, chewing ability, face and smile aesthetics, as well as both the normal development of the jaw. Consider what is happening and why at the age of bits needed correction.
Bridle language
The language is a bit ‘of an infant prevents sucking properly. Because a child can not eat normal food, which often leads to weight and delay in growth of the child. Therefore, the birth of a child, the doctors viewing the oral cavity and in one motion child language chauchrian he could, if he damoklebulia. Parents should not be afraid that the child is hurt because postnatal stress newborn does not experience painful sensations. After failing the child’s mother immediately dautsvenen chest, because breast milk is the best way to stop the bleeding and natural antiseptic. Sometimes it is to retain the children who are sent to the dentist: Intercept is performed at any time before the child is breastfed (which is sooner, the better).

If language is a bit ‘of time have failed, adult children will prevent some of the sound, especially saimiris “R”, “d”, “L” and so meaningful. Sachreleb the child to make the language and touch the tip of her tongue out. This in the case of failing to curb child causes a speech therapist. older children were a bit tongue in all plastic surgery effects: some are local or go under anesthesia, after failing seats points and postoperative controls required. The stitches are removed after the surgery I was 4-6 days.
plastic language to curb the ideal age is 5-9 years, which is the age of the parents do not pay attention to children’s speech defects. A few weeks after the operation, you can work with a speech-update. It is, in essence, more successful, because the language is more mobile. You just need to understand the child, how to pronounce “sounds difficult.”
bridle upper lip
The upper lip is to identify and retain the specialist can set neonatologist, a speech therapist, and Orthodontist Periodontist. These occlusion malfunctions and prevention of periodontal disease. It also recommends some sound expression complicated problems and breastfeeding.

moving the upper lip, as an essential condition for the normal infant feeding, as the linguistic movement. So this can not be the problem of procrastination and its discovery is best to conduct the operation at an early age.
When the child has difficulty pronouncing the sounds, that require the participation of the lips – “t”, “n”, and so on. The reason for this is often a bit ‘on the upper lip and the child speech therapist five years of age to allow specialists. In this case, the operation is required.
The operation of such an action also gives the doctor-orthodontist and Periodontist. While browsing the orthodontist teeth file may be noted that the upper lip for retaining the central cutting Chaz rd ilia fibers, which is why these teeth are distant from each other and between them is a diastema. In addition, a short upper lip to restrain the movement of the upper part of the mucosa of the gums are pulling – as a result, moving away from the front cutting gums and teeth roots withdrawn.
This leads to periodontal disease in adults, children are more serious problems developing. During the creation of permanent occlusion of the upper lip is a bit ‘difficult to upper front teeth to highlight, especially if the lack of seat row teeth. Occlusion such violations align long and difficult process, and at the same time, which is quite expensive.
upper lip to hold plastic There are many methods, sometimes the doctor has his own method. If the operation is performed by a specialist, post-operative complications, especially, it does not develop.

However, parents still need to be careful: Some of the “specialist” just get a bit ‘with scissors, does not require sutures or simply cut off her alveolar tuberosity. Such “method” is a mistake because the result can araestetikuri “smile horse”, the upper lip on the move. in addition, the segments can be caused by scar tissue and severely aggravate the situation and, accordingly, it will be very difficult to recover.

Lower lip bridle

Some people may not have access to bridle lower lip or have several.
The bits of lower lip corrections are necessary when it occurs due to occlusion anomalies. Bridle, as well, can become a periodontal disease and lower splitter losing cause, as it causes a gingival recession and lower jaw front teeth stripping roots.
Patients aged 6-7 from the start. If the operation is the presence of elderly people (periodontal disease), bit correction with the performance of the chaghrmavebasa gate and plastic mouth.
In very rare cases, lower lip bridle massive enough, as the bits upper lip and prevents pronounce the sound, as well as infants sucking at the breast. In this case, it was intercepted in the first months of life. The operation takes 10-15 minutes under general or local anesthesia and often require points. Postoperative complications, too, is unlikely to be carried out by a plastic material.
Only a qualified specialist can determine if the patient is in a similar operation. If it turned out that it is necessary for you or your child, wasting time because it is a bit ‘more serious diseases can cause.