Lose Weight With The Mediterranean Diet

Lose Weight

True, there are many diets, perhaps too many.

But experts say that you should look for those that are healthier -Those that besides the fact that they help you lose weight, provide you with the necessary nutrients. The Mediterranean diet is a great option that you should not miss.

The Mediterranean diet is rich in protein, omega-3, minerals, vitamins and, most importantly, is low in fat, flour and sugar industry. Let’s look more closely.

How can the Mediterranean diet to help me lose weight?

First, we should mention that the Mediterranean diet is not really a method for weight loss in the narrow sense. These are some very healthy eating habits thanks to which, and because of the materials including, adjusted as your weight, the exclusion of everything else makes you gain weight or even getting sick.

Nutritionists say that as a result, you can lose a pound a week.

In other words, the Mediterranean diet is not only beneficial for you but also for your family. You must of course follow the principles of the recommended food pyramid of the World Health Organization (WHO).
The benefits of the Mediterranean diet based on the excellent in healthy fats. These monounsaturated fats derived from olive oil and fatty acids as omega-6.
Excluding animal protein and red meat.
It is the richest in antioxidants diet: fruits and nuts, vegetables and legumes.
It is an excellent source of fiber.

Thanks to the Mediterranean diet, you can reduce cholesterol in your blood, to protect against cardiovascular disease and to control your weight, thanks to the balanced amount of nutrients that prevent the fats that harm your body.

What foods does the Mediterranean diet?
Vegetables, nuts such as walnuts, legumes, fruits like oranges, lemons, melons, apples, grapes …
Olive oil as the primary fat source.
Wine, when consumed in moderate amounts. No more than a glass a day.

Fish such as tuna, salmon, cod ..

Pasta as a main source of carbohydrates.
If you eat meat, you should always chicken, turkey or even better. These lean meats.

In conjunction with this balanced, full range of healthy diet, lifestyle habits play an equally important role. The daily exposure to the sun to absorb the necessary vitamin D, importance of breakfast, the family meal with looseness and relaxation … these are habits that are sometimes forgotten because of our obligations. but an essential part of your health.

Rules for maintaining a Mediterranean diet

Eat five meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. The goal is to eat balanced quantities five times a day and never too.
Do not skip breakfast. It is essential to ensure the energy you need to start your day and to balance the amount of energy fraud throughout the daytime.
Do not use butter. Can always replace them with olive oil.
The evening meal should essentially be based on vegetables.
Do not skip the bread, it is essential to ensure fiber. Choose wholegrains. Rye and oats are particularly recommended.
Also highly recommended herbs: oregano, basil, parsley and especially garlic.
The desserts are not allowed. Replace cow’s milk with vegetable milk.
We also recommend that you drink a glass of wine a day and two liters of water.

Examples Mediterranean diet

Below are three examples of meals. You can make the combinations you want in the coming days longer knowing which foods are the healthiest in accordance with the Mediterranean diet. It is important to always eat at the same time as well as fruits and vegetables that you choose to be fresh. If you get hungry between meals, you can resort to nuts, such as walnuts or pistachios. You should also try to have fresh and recently squeezed fruit juices. Do not forget to eat calmly and to walk for at least an hour a day.


Meal Plan 1

Orange juice, toasted whole grain bread with honey.

An Apple


Salad lettuce, half a pomegranate and a little lemon
Roast lemon chicken breast
Green tea

One cup of grapes

Omelette with spinach and shrimp
Baked cod
Apple juice


Meal Plan 2

A cup of oatmeal with two nuts and a plum

Low-fat yogurt

Pasta with tomatoes, basil, black olives and olive oil
Pureed zucchini with oregano and pepper

A cup of apple jam

Baked eggplant
Lettuce with grated carrots
Tea and chamomile lemonovalsamo
Meal Plan 3

almond milk and an apple

Toasted wholemeal bread smeared with natural tomato sauce

Full rice with mushrooms
A salad with lettuce and two slices of orange

Peach juice

Boiled artichokes with olive oil and vinegar
Spinach Salad with turkey and pineapple pieces