Love and Money Not The Brings Happiness, Confirmed by Scientists

Love and Money brings happiness, confirmed by scientists A failed relationship or a marriage that ends in divorce, constant stress and depression make someone feel more unhappy than what poverty of.

At least say, British researchers, according to which the find someone to love and money or feel mentally calm make him happier than to an increase in salary and generally of its income.

Fighting depression and anxiety can reduce the suffering by 20%, while the fight against poverty by only 5%, according to the study. Such findings, by researchers, aspiring to “revolutionize the way we think about human priorities” in the framework of a new science of subjective well-being (to the extent of course that can be considered science).

H new study by the London School of Economics (LSE), led by Professor Lord Richard Pageant.

Dedicated to the study of happiness and economic relationship, presented a two-day OECD conference and the LSE in London on 12 and 13 December, according to the UK Independent and Telegraph.
The study, which evaluated several international opinion surveys on the various factors that affect the well-being of a human (collectively taken into account The approximately 200,000 people) found that -on a scale from zero to ten- doubling income will increase the happiness of a man on average at most 0.2 units. Conversely, unemployment reduces happiness of unemployed by about 0.7 points.
On the other hand, depression and anxiety -which is most often in a modern society than what anergia- reduces happiness by 0.7 points, while finding love and money (love) in the face of a partner increases happiness 0.6 points (three times more than what the double salary). The loss of a partner due to divorce or death reduces happiness by about 0.6 points, almost as much as unemployment.
The study also confirms that people care much about how much money they have in relation to others, constantly making comparisons. Therefore a universal increase in income despite all the undoubted benefits for all and to finally society- may have the very little positive effect on the psychology of most people.
According to researchers, “Happiness is j greater in countries where people trust each other. Freedom is also a critical factor for happiness, so whoever supports happiness, can not maintain a totalitarian state. “” The data show everything that the things that matter most to our happiness and our misery are our social relationships, as well as our mental and physical health.

This means a new role for the state: not wealth creation but to create prosperity, “said Pageant.

“In the past, the state dealt successively with poverty, unemployment, education and physical health. But equally important things is domestic violence, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, alienated youth, the craze with the exam and much more which should be at the center, “he added. The new concept tries to explain but also to face a paradox: while the material level of life has improved significantly over the last 40 years, the level of life satisfaction is stagnant, if not decline, even in developed countries such as Germany, Britain and the US.