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A new anti-aging without scalpel technique promises to turn back the clock with only 150 €.

The person tired , worn out, ageing. Even if we systematically avoid the sun, smoking, late nights and stress, the skin will inevitably succumb to the problems of his age. Relaxation, the first and most important, perhaps, an indication of wear, makes its appearance around 30. The skin becomes thinner and starts to show its age. This essentially creates the problem is collagen, the protein that is the structural material of the skin. Fibroblasts, the cells responsible for the composition, lazy. They do not feed the tissues and they, as a result, have nowhere to rest.

Collagen is, for decades, the issue in any anti-aging treatment. This protein forms a network of fibres, which essentially holds the skin in place. In young skin, the grid is robust and withstand the stress from the facial expressions. Whenever necessary, the fibroblasts produce fresh collagen and fill the loss. However, as we get older, their performance decreases. The fibres are thin while showing various anomalies like that go wrong or get entangled with each other. The result is a skin showing loose without a support and with a strong tendency to wrinkle.

The most effective way to achieve the inner shock, without substantial injury to the skin, the art of needling. The word is derived from the needle (needle), which is the principal tool in these methods. Many plastic surgeons have given their names to describe the process: needle dermabrasion (needle-dermabrasion), collagen induction therapy (collagen induction therapy), dry tattooing (dry tattoo), Fraxel (peeling in dots as laser Fraxel). All, however, do the same: use needles to get under the skin and to “awaken” the fibroblasts.

How to stimulate the skin functions
The needling is based on simple needle stick. “Every time I penetrate the skin with a needle, causing a small wound and stimulate the function of fibroblasts,” explains surgeon Mr Anastasio’s axe. He continues: “Even if we do Botox or filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid, the placement of the needle stimulates locally the regenerative properties of the skin.”
This, then, that until some time ago was a pleasant “side effect”, transformed by plastic surgeons in the main action. The needling does not carry any substance into the skin, nor deals with the correction of the surface disorders. Directed at the root of the problem. Restores the function of fibroblasts. In the months that follow after treatment, the difference becomes visible by the day.

technique of roller with
«The tightening can be achieved only if we intervene under the skin, deep into the skin,” said South African plastic surgeon Des Fernandez. The “Pope of needling», who designed medical device Roll-Cit, looking for a way to stimulate collagen without damaging the outer skin. The tool is full of tiny half or one mm long needles (or longer, depending on the needs of the area being treated). “As the roller rolls on the skin, leaving in its wake a thin surface slit which soon closes,” explains Dr. Fernandez and adds: “The local edema caused by trauma resulting swell the skin externally and disappear the slot immediately. Internally, however, the healing process takes longer. Each infinitesimal subcutaneous wound caused by of roller, passes through the three basic stages of rehabilitation: inflammation, cell proliferation, new tissue formation. Imagine now that this occurs in numerous points, next to each other. The process is quite similar to that of Laser Resurfacing (the invasive laser renewal), but differs in a fundamental point: it does not destroy the surface. At the same time, we reach so deeply in the skin, so that we achieve not only increase the quantity and improve the quality of collagen and elastin. ”
Implementation The needling is applied in practice since the coating is preceded by a numbing ointment. Here many “passes” of the roller with needles in the skin. “So” combing “the collagen fibres, while simultaneously opens pathways to channelled the necessary substances for anti-aging, such as vitamins A and C and the tightening agents (DMAE, hyaluronic acid, idebenone),” says the dermatologist Katerina Lambrinopoulos . He continues: “We choose the substances necessary for the proper function of fibroblasts in person and spread the treatment solution on the skin before and after applying the roller. The treatment takes about half an hour. Perhaps then appear swelling and redness, but after 12 to 24 hours subside. In the days that follow, fibroblasts begin the restoration process. Believing that collagen is damaged due to the heat, give the mandate to produce new reserves. ”
“The person retains his youth for 1.5 to 2 years. Even after this period, the skin ageing at different rates, “says the dermatologist and adds:” If we continue to look after the skin with essential vitamin D, improved lasts longer. ”
INFO The number of repetitions is determined according to the age and condition of the skin. A woman in her 40 can be seen clamping results with only one repeat, a woman 50 takes about 3 whereas for larger groups that number rises to 6.5 repeats, one time per week, for 6 weeks. The price for one repetition is about 150 euros , while for 5 amounts to 500 euros .

Needling for every problem
Signs acne
When acne is pronounced, prevents normal function of the skin. “This will create new collagen, which will correct the texture and color of the scar. The Fraxel with roller manages to activate the new tissue formation process. “