Mini Stroke In Danger?

Mini Stroke In Danger

Transient ischemic attack (TIA), commonly known as a mini stroke occurs with symptoms lasting less than 24 hours.

It does not cause permanent damage to the brain but is extremely dangerous.

The problem with such an incident is that it can go unnoticed. But a warning sign for stroke.

About 40% of people who suffers mini stroke manifests then normal stroke. 5% of patients suffers a stroke within two days, while 10-15% of patients exhibiting symptoms of stroke within three months.

What are the symptoms of a mini stroke?

Evidence of transient ischemic attack and stroke do not differ greatly. The main symptoms are:

– Sudden numbness in the face, arm or leg on one side of the body.

– Decreased vision in one or both eyes

– Difficulty in walking

– Dizziness and loss of balance

What causes a TIA?

Blood vessels carry blood throughout our body. When a vessel in the brain briefly occlude the blood flow in this region of the brain dramatically reduced or stopped completely.

The lack of blood – and thus oxygen – is the cause of the event of the above symptoms.

The TIA is usually due to one of the following three factors:

– Decreased blood flow to a main artery that carries blood to the brain (e.g. carotid)

– Clot elsewhere in the body (eg heart) seconded, carried to the brain and blocks a blood vessel

– Accumulation of plaque and subsequent narrowing of the small blood vessels of the brain, resulting in reduced blood flow for a short time.

Consult your doctor to determine what is appropriate prevention measures for you.