MUNIT Centre For Mental Health Research Institute of Mental Health (E.P.I.PS.Y.)

Centre For Mental Health


The Center for Mental Health E.P.I.PS.Y. It is a service of public mental health that started operating in early 2009 and serves residents of Papagou municipalities, Cholargos, Psychiko, New Psychiko and Halandri.

The creation of the part of the psychiatric reform program codenamed “Psychargos”, which is a national plan to change the way mental health services, by shifting the focus from the supplied asylum type care, as was the case until now in community care.

The Mental Health Centre provides a complimentary range of services targeted at adults and adolescents who have a mental health problem. In the operation of the designed and implemented programs aimed at prevention, detection and treatment of mental health problems as they emerge in the community.


All services developed at the Center are aimed at providing appropriate therapeutic interventions for each individual, which is ensured by individual approach, cooperation of all necessary disciplines and the multiplicity of therapeutic suggestions for each case.

The Center is staffed by qualified and experienced professionals: Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Nurses and the necessary administrative and support staff.

The services provided include:

• Psychiatric diagnosis, systematic monitoring and therapeutic-pharmaceutical treatment
• Psychotherapeutic interventions for individuals and groups
• Psychological support
• Psychosocial support and rehabilitation
• Intervention in crisis
• Home visits where necessary

An important part of the functioning of the Centre also relates to community intervention, in order to inform and raise awareness of mental health issues.

These actions, in collaboration with other institutions and services, aimed at:

• Prevention of mental health problems through health education programs and mental health
• Early detection and addressing them through the proper scientific information and, consequently, the removal of ignorance and fear associated with mental illness
• Combating stigma surrounding mental disorders and mental health services

The Mental Health Centre operates daily from 8.30 to 15.30 in the afternoon. Every Monday and Wednesday opening hours extended to 18.00 pm, with the possibility for afternoon appointments on the other days upon request.
Located in the Municipality of Papagou in Soranou street Efesiou 2 just before the Cultural Center Papagou and served by the Municipal Transportation Papagou and bus lines 413 & 409 (10th Papagou stop) and the metro (Katehaki station) through the general Hospital ‘Sotiria’.
Telephones: (210) -6170071, 6170072 and 6170073.

Scientific Director of the Centre for Mental Health E.P.I.PS.Y. is Associate Prof. M. Economou

Head of the Center of Mental Health E.P.I.PS.Y. is Mr. John Dimopoulos, Psychiatrist