My Esthetician Care For Tthe Eye Area

Why the eyes need special care?

Before explaining what you can do for this very sensitive area, we need to clarify that the skin around the eyes is particularly thin and sensitive.

Care for the eye area

The fatigue of man as the years go by and external influences are causing a relaxation of the skin and wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, and swellings begin to appear. So if you think that the skin in the realize that it is necessary to use appropriate products and treatments to prevent and to cure the problems of this region.

Let us also not forget the obvious and so important, that our eyes are arguably the most expressive means we have to express our feelings. We should never, therefore, neglect them.

In addition to the appropriate products will use, it is very important and the way in which we will use. Prior to referring to products and treatments, I would like to point out some rules necessary for the proper care around the eye area.

  1. We must not sleep without having done a careful eye make-up remover with a special product.
  2. Always use special products for this area both for care and for cleansing.
  3. Good to watch and our movements when using these products.
  4. No need to put on our eyes large quantities of these products, in particular, ever the movable part of the eyelid, but with digital pressure around the retro-orbital sinus, the outer corner of the eye and beneath the eyebrow.

The next step is the right choice of products, which must be commensurate with the age and the problems in the case. Young girls, for example, found many hours on the computer can use a special product of Guinot called anti-fatigue you is a refreshing gel with plant extracts, mainly from horse chestnut, which prevents dark circles and swellings while an older lady is ideally products that prevent the logic of cellular aging around the eye area, improves vitality and stimulate the skin, smoothing the surface and the deeper wrinkles on the crow’s feet while stimulated eyelids.

Care for the eye areas

Also, there decongesting and moisturizing masks specific for this region and a fast flash beauty.

Besides the daily care at home is necessary and should be done morning and night there are specialized professional treatments for this region.

We apply in-house treatment Hydradermie Lift Yeux of Guinot, comprising a detoxification phase, an induction phase and a rehydration phase with the special machine of Hydradermie. The second, equally effective and interesting eye treatment is of Valmont eye treatment with collagen sheet. This is a firming treatment with collagen sheet specially formulated for the eye area against wrinkles, dark circles and swelling.

Treatment involves the steps of:

  1. Cleaning with the special lotion containing chamomile, aloe vera, and cornflower.
  2. Special daktylopieseis massage and lymphatic drainage with a moisturizing cream containing peptides, DNA and hyaluronic acid for optimal penetration.
  3. We use a special serum Vit. C and hyaluronic to shine and hydration.
  4. Place the collagen sheet soaked in serum polysaccharides, green tea, arnica and caffeine for decongestion and smoothing wrinkles.
  5. Then, after removing the collagen sheet is placed an ampule with amino acids to enhance the effect of clamping and finally place the special eye cream in a known manner.

Tips: We point out the importance of using the summer months, products with sunscreen and glasses but the frame does not touch the skin around the eyes because with the constant friction can create discoloration.

Practical tip: If any irritation around the eyes, the most effective way to relieve it compresses with ice water. Another practical care for the house is compressed with the decoction of strong tea after you have put in the refrigerator. One herb that relieves tired and irritated eyes is campout you find where they sell herbs – also prepare a decoction, refrigerate and do compresses several times a day…….