Natural Syrup For a Cough Healthy Tips

It’s time to discover the ways in which we can utilise the resources nature gives us to deal with coughs and colds.

A cough and sore throat are the common symptoms of colds and afflict us several times in the winter, either mild or more severe. Many have highlighted how powerful “weapons” provided by nature itself to deal with these symptoms. It is time to discover and examine the ways in which we can utilise them to have immediate results.
One of the “weapons” that nature provides us is our favourite propolis. Propolis is produced to “secure” the hive, protecting bees from germs. The most recent research has made known its various beneficial properties: antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral. It is a real natural “antibiotic”, known since ancient times, which significantly contributes to the production of antibodies and used as an ingredient of many drugs.

Royal Jelly
Our next ally is royal jelly, the exclusive food of the queen which produce worker-bees to keep it healthy. It has very high nutritional value, stimulates the body, provides energy, acts immunomodulatory and contributes to the proliferation of immune cells.

Vitamin C
The known and not excludable vitamin C is “elixir” health and youth policies because it helps in collagen production and protects against oxidative stress. Because it is water-soluble, ie easily excreted with body fluids that are quite elevated when we are sick, it is necessary to replenish, to effectively enhance the body’s defences.

O Zinc Another powerful weapon is zinc, a trace element essential for the creation of immune cells. Zinc plays an active role in fighting infections and, simultaneously, the energy production processes. It is extremely important, therefore, to maintain the levels of zinc in our bodies naturally, to achieve recovery quickly and correctly.

Precious herbs
Finally, herbs are from ancient times the most widespread natural medicine against disease. Today we are absolutely sure of the “nice” properties of sage, pine and Icelandic moss, which contribute to the treatment of respiratory infections, and of lime, which favours limiting the production of mucus and soothe the throat. The anise, fennel and thyme also have the soothing and expectorant action, regulating the secretions and helping the vlennolysi, while the elder is particularly effective in reducing the duration of flu and its symptoms.

Natural syrup
Natural solutions are, therefore, numerous and each component has separate benefits. Instead of selecting only one or two of the above, why not utilise as much as possible? At times we have a cold, after all, a dietary supplement is necessary due to the needs of our organisation is greatly increased, and the strength, fatigue and decreased appetite prevent us from getting consume enough food and drinks.
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