Nibble And When You Cook?


As genuine Greek housewife want to take care of everything at home.

Cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, care of the family. Everything goes through your hands. Whether, during the hours that you are at home, there are times when you thought “turns” in the pot or the refrigerator without really hungry?

The big, this, desire to eat without you we really need, which usually is not associated with controlling the quality and quantity at the end of the day or do not give them importance, thinking, often ” the little amount I ate,” often responsible for the rise of the scale. Below are tips to say no to this thickening of snacking habit.

One bite is enough: If you want to try your food when cooking one bite is enough to see if it is ready or if you succeeded! Many times when we cook, wanting to try eating our fill dish several times with little or nibble on ‘upright’ ‘over the pan, so hire enough calories without realizing it.

An ounce of prevention before hungry cook:

Another wise folk saying easily you can act! Increase the daily number of meals you eat during the day and leave several hours your stomach empty. Start your day with a good breakfast and ideal start to cook having first consumed a meal, either primary (eg breakfast) or intermediate (for example brunch or afternoon). This will reduce the chances to consume large amounts of food over the pan or later at lunch time!

Thirst or hunger? According to research data, often confuse thirst with hunger and snacking when in fact what we need is moisturizing! Once therefore you feel the need of picking, be sure to hydrate! Recall that in addition to water, all non-alcoholic beverages such as milk, fruit juices, soft drinks, coffee and tea may soak us.

Make nutritional options: Usually, snacking associated with the consumption of food rich and fat, containing enough calories even if you chose a small amount. Place prominently are cooking fruit (fresh or dried), a handful of whole grains or unsalted nutsĀ  to if they feel a real need to eat something. Of course, in any case should not forget the measure.