No More Text For The Value Of The Morning

Break fast

Sure you get bored listening to the value of breakfast for all ages and all dietary needs. We have read and we reread. But we consolidate?

I certainly do not. I need to hear and to xanthous and mainly to find new and interesting options to convince me every time that besides important, breakfast can be incredibly delicious!

And here is where comes the Kri Kri and creating a new flavour to the delicious Super Spoon to elevate us.

The new Cree Cree Super Spoon with yoghurt, banana, mango, linseed and cereals will definitely become our new “obsession” to start the day strong. There are also few and what it offers to our organisation.

Well note:
1. Strained yoghurt 0% 100% Greek milk day with high protein content.
2. Banana is rich in vitamin C, potassium and magnesium and thus improves the strength (also the need that) and contributes to the proper functioning of the heart.
3. Mango offering powerful antioxidant and strengthens our immune.
4. Linseed which is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial to the operation of the heart and brain.
5. Cereals with their fibre help in proper bowel function.

What more could you want! So the choice for us to start the day properly, we are focused, full of energy, joy and less stress is breakfast with Kri Kri Super Spoon Banana, mango, linseed and cereals.

What are you waiting for;