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Organa Keto is designed to help burn fat and thus weight loss. But can the product keep this promise, or does it put its health at risk by ingesting it? We took a closer look at the effects and possible side effects and tested Organa Keto for 30 days. In addition, muscles with the necessary macronutrients for increased muscle growth, during exercise, to be supplied.


What is Organa Keto and how does it work?

Behind the trendy-sounding name “Organa Keto” are capsules that stimulate the metabolism, i.e. the metabolism, and at the same time support the body burning fat. In addition, the body should be detoxified. The capsules are 100% natural and free of side effects. The manufacturer advertises that even experts and diet coaches recommend the capsules.

According to the manufacturer, Organa Keto is a patented drug formula. In this way, blood sugar games should be lowered, which should lead to the prevention of food cravings and reduce hunger. This also reduces calorie intake. The information contained active ingredients leads, according to the manufacturer, even to body detoxification – vitality and increased awareness in everyday life.

Ingredients of Organa Keto:

Unfortunately, neither on the website of the manufacturer nor on other sites on the Internet, information on the entire Organa Keto ingredients. The manufacturer only indicates that caffeine and leucine are present in the capsules as active ingredients.

Caffeine: Caffeine is called a so-called stimulant. Accordingly, some people feel awake and more efficient after taking caffeine. In addition, the active ingredient also boosts the metabolism and thus fat can be burned more effectively, since also increases the basal metabolic rate. The effect of caffeine is triggered by stimulation of the central nervous system.

Leucine: It is an essential amino acid that cannot be self-produced by the human body. This amino acid also burns fat more effectively while maintaining protein intake.

However, since we were unable to find any effect in our test, we cannot guarantee that the Organa Keto ingredients specified by the manufacturer are actually included.

Proper Intake and Dosage:

The manufacturer recommends taking Organa Keto before or during breakfast. For this purpose, take one capsule with sufficient liquid without chewing. The manufacturer points out that coffee, juices or milk are not suitable for drinking. If sport is used, a second capsule should be taken on the respective training day. This is together with the first, before or during breakfast.

Organa Keto

OrganaKeto and Organa Keto: Same Rip-Off

If you research a little more intensively on the Internet, you will find a product called “OrganaKeto”. And when you look at the website, this will also be very familiar to you. Because the websites of OrganaKeto and Organa Keto are 100% the same. The pictures and texts on the sides were taken over completely – only the product name was changed. A glance at the imprint reveals that this provider is also again Organa Pvt Ltd. is. With the same website design and marketing strategy, it is suspected that Organa Keto and OrganaKeto are the same product. And the effect of OrganaKeto has not yet been confirmed.

Side Effects

According to the manufacturer, there should be no Organa Keto side effects. This is justified by the 100% natural active ingredients. However, we were able to determine in our test with the subject that the capsules cause any negative side effects. In addition to insomnia, diarrhea, nausea, and tremor are also known to be side effects of the capsules.

These side effects might be identified with caffeine. Often, dubious weight loss tablets contain more caffeine than the human body can tolerate at all. Sweats, palpitations, and insomnia are then only the slightest side effects. An increased effect of caffeine in the body can lead to cardiac arrhythmia, which can endanger life.

Research on Organa Keto for 30 Days:

We wanted to investigate the effect of these weight loss capsules and tested the capsules with a volunteer for a period of 30 days. For our test, we chose Alex (33) with a starting weight of 95 kg.

Day 1: In our practice, we discussed with Alex the key data of the test: In the following 30 days. He should take according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The capsules before breakfast with plenty of water. An eating regimen change ought not to occur.

Day 15: After two weeks, Alex came back to our office. However, we still could not find any weight loss even though he had taken the capsules properly. As a side effect, however, had shown massive sleep problems.

Day 30: On the last day of our test, we did a final check with Alex and again did not notice any weight loss. Instead, Alex now complained of nausea and vomiting in addition to sleep problems. In order not to endanger the health of our subject, we stopped the test immediately and cannot recommend Organa Keto.

Organa Keto

Is There any alternative exists?

Through our test, we must justify legitimate doubts about the effect of PureFit Keto. Our subject had massive physical discomfort after taking the capsules, so we definitely cannot recommend them.

For this reason, we would like to introduce you to an effective alternative to PureFit Keto capsules. This is the Organa Keto for which we have already made a clear purchase recommendation. Even in studies, the effect of this Organa Supplement could be confirmed and in our self-test convinced the product. In the table below we have again listed all the advantages and disadvantages of both fat burners.

Organa Keto Customer Experience:

In addition to our test, we have also searched the Internet for other Organa Keto experiences and have accordingly also found something. Unfortunately, most of the customers who ordered the capsules did not have very good experiences.

Like the first lady. In her report, she writes that she, too, could not feel any effect, and moreover, not only did she have sleep problems as a side effect, but also her tachycardia.

The next Organa Keto experience comes from a gentleman who has seen the promotion of the capsules on the internet. He has been dazzled by the tactical, but very dubious marketing mesh of the manufacturer and ordered a can. However, he showed no weight change.

The third review we would like to introduce to you comes from a lady who has already tried several times to lose weight. Since the customer wanted to lose weight very quickly and also practiced sports, she took two capsules daily and then suffered from severe gastrointestinal complaints. But she still could not find an effect. On the advice of her doctor, the customer has stopped taking it.


Continue Fake Messages

The manufacturer of Organa Keto advertises including fake reviews and comparative photos. Because these reports and photos can be found in connection with other diet products on other websites. Accordingly, it can be assumed here that these reports do not correspond to the truth.

In addition, it is advertised with different magazines and stars who reported positive about the weight loss product or should have taken the capsules themselves. Again, these are only fake messages. In magazines such as “Women’s Health”, “Men’s Fitness”, “Shape” or even Health & Fitness “were never reports on the capsules. In addition, no recommendation was made by these magazines and journals.

Even more blatant is the whole thing, by the abuse of prominent names, such as Maite Kelly, allegedly have taken off successfully with Organa Keto and now promote the product. Again, this is not a scam.

Who is behind the company?

Organa Keto is manufactured by Organa Pvt Ltd. distributed. The company is headquartered in The United States and also has a branch office in Canada. Several times the company has been noticed negatively. For example, various products with the same ingredients and marketing measures have been advertised in the past. It seems that Organa Pvt Ltd. very well versed in selling dubious weight loss products.

Frequently Asked Questions

So far, we have already provided you some information about these weight loss capsules. However, if these are not enough for you, you will find in the following frequently asked questions, certainly the answers you are looking for.

Is the Organa Keto dangerous?

According to the manufacturer, the intake of Organa Keto should be associated with no side effects. Because the capsules should be found only natural ingredients. However, we could not confirm this in our test – our proband suffered from side effects and even the customers whose experience we found complained about side effects.

In addition, people can always be very sensitive to the caffeine they contain. It can lead to insomnia, tremors, and restlessness and in the worst case to arrhythmia. If you experience these side effects after taking Organa Keto, seek medical attention immediately.

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How long does Organa Keto need to be taken?

The duration of the intake depends on the personal goal, ie how much weight should be lost. The producer prescribes a fix of three to four months.

Is Organa Keto a serious product?

Due to the dubious marketing measure (fake pictures and reports), we assume that Organa Keto is not a serious product. Especially since we could find no effect on our test. In addition, there is insufficient information regarding the active substances contained in the capsules. Serious manufacturers of weight loss products provide transparent ingredients for customers. In this way, the customer can exactly understand what is in the respective products.

How expensive is Organa Keto?

The product can only be ordered on the website of the manufacturer. Here Organa Keto is offered at different prices:

  1. Can costs 39.99 dollars
  2. Cans cost 69.99 dollars
  3. Cans cost 89.99 dollars

A can is equivalent to taking one capsule a day for a month. Accordingly, one can is enough for a monthly cure.

In addition, the manufacturer charges a shipping fee of 5.99 dollars.

What can I do if I am not satisfied with Organa Keto?

The manufacturer refers to its website on the German customer service if customers are not satisfied with their order and would like to return the product. The customer then receives an RMA number, which must be legibly written to the returns package. Packages without such a number will not be accepted. However, customer service is only available to customers via e-mail.

Where else can you buy Organa Keto?

If you still want to buy the Organa Keto, you can do so only through the manufacturer’s website. According to our research, you cannot buy the capsules either at the local pharmacy or at an online pharmacy. Even on sales platforms like Amazon and eBay, the product is not offered. Accordingly, customers only have the option to order the capsules on the manufacturer’s website.

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