Painkillers. Did We Get It Wrong?


You know what the most common mistakes we make when we take a simple painkiller?

A headache, toothache, menstrual pain, problems that lead us without a second thought to taking a painkiller. Indeed, the fact that many of them can be purchased alone, without a prescription, has made us feel secure. However, it is advisable, before we open the pharmacy of our home to take the next pill, take a look at the following lines for the possibility to do and we one of the following errors.

The cut in the middle
is one of the most common mistakes, because for some reason we believe that this will take half the dose. However, those tablets can be cut in half, thus sharing their dose, they have a distinctive groove. Find not this line is designed to dissolve in the intestine or slow stomach. Thus, if we cut, destroying the casing protects against the acidic environment of the stomach.

The melt water
Those who do not swallow tablets, often resort to this option. However, the pills are not designed to take the same form and thus the activity is affected. Those, then, is hard to swallow, better to look for other forms, such as syrup, suppository and effervescent tablets. An exception can do in the case of aspirin but must drink enough water, not to “stick” the pill dust in the oesophagus.

Remember to take last minute
Painkillers are not direct action and take a time to … do their job. So if you get them once the pain has become fierce, let’s not rush to draw conclusions about whether or not they caught us. It is best to take before the pain become unbearable. For example, acetylsalicylic acid and paracetamol need about 30 to act.

Drink after a Poti raki Rasi
Drugs and alcohol it is not attached, even if such an order is not simultaneous, as medicines usually need some time to be metabolised by the body. Result; Alcohol can slow down their activity, thus limiting their effectiveness, or to reinforce their action and thus cause side effects (eg stomach problems).

Our first choice is the strongest
As experts say, it is advisable to take the lowest possible dose for the shortest possible time. So let us avoid strong painkillers, suitable for health problems more serious than just a headache, and let’s start with the mildest. Moreover, if we continue to experience pain, we always take a double dose.

The swallow with two sips of water
Water is the main solvent of drugs and pills are designed so that patients can take with a glass of water. It is, therefore, wrong to take a pill (let alone many pills) with a few sips of water. As for the effervescent tablets, it is advisable to dissolve at least half a glass of water.

We take medicines without informing our doctor.

Is advisable not to take ourselves or, at the urging of friends and known drugs, because we do not know what complications can have, especially if you already follow some medication. These drug interactions are not as rare as you may imagine. For example, NSAIDs can raise the pressure in
patients with hypertension. Good it is also not to take a drug because it gets us one known. The fact that it was effective in his case does not mean it will be effective in our own.

Sensitive groups
The heart patients, the elderly, patients with immunosuppression (eg transplanted) should always consult their physician. Also, pregnant women should seek the advice of their gynecologist, because they can not take anti-inflammatory (with few exceptions). Finally, if it is a child, talk to your pediatrician, because aspirin is banned and paracetamol allowed.

Empty stomach?
Many believe that all formulations work best when we get hungry. However, this is not true in all cases. NSAIDs, for example, may cause problems in our gastrointestinal system, so we have to take on a full stomach.