Parents And Care Of The Genitals Of Children

Parents And Care

Baby boys are born with normal squelch.

This is a normal situation where most infants have the foreskin – the “foreskin” covering the glans – tight enough to cover the head of the penis without can be pulled back and expose the glans.

The normal development of the region leads, over time, a gradual loosening of the foreskin, where gradually the foreskin is separated from the glans, the original connective tissue between the two parties thins and dissolved, so grows the diameter of the head of the penis It is visually apparent. Many boys glans becomes fully apparent normal to 2 years, in others it may not become evident until 5-6 years, while in a few cases this can occur naturally through adolescence.

No regression is rare to occur during the period the child begins to strongly deal with his body and with his penis, often between the ages of 5-7 years. All these situations are normal, provided not to have become violent manipulations of the region by doctors or parents causing scarring.

In a small number of boys, this gradual retraction foreskin never occurs and can not be pulled back from the head of the penis. This condition is called pathological phimosis is rarely the result of insufficient maturity of the region, but more often is a result of violent external manipulations.

The prepuce of the child must never be pulled back violently in order to katharismo.

Den is no need to do any cleaning of the prepuce and the glans through the foreskin in young boys, unlike removed useful defensive secretion region and, in the effort download one abruptly the foreskin of the child, causing scarring, creating acquired connective tissue which further hang the glans with the foreskin creating irreversible scarring and problems in the future.

Most little boys sometime spend a period in which often touch or play with the area of the penis. This is a normal process in the psychomotor and physical development and in most cases should not be warded. It is necessary opportunity to look and learn their body. When the foreskin matures and is ready to fall, sometimes kids find themselves, experimenting and reveal the glans with its own operations.

In the case of the girl, it is important to know that, corresponding to the anatomy of the area boys, pretty girls are born with partial or total labial commissure to the pudendal region, and exhibit a normal protective mucus secretion in the region. Not interfering with violent operations in the region and does not remove this mucus, but clean regularly with plain tap water.

What should be stressed to the parents?

• That the child’s skin at any age should not be abruptly pulled back in order to “purify” the glans. There is no need for such cleaning the inner foreskin in infants, toddlers and young children.

• When the foreskin matured and is ready to detach, the boy usually discovers itself and succeeds. From then it’s good little boy to learn to do it regularly as part of routine washing in the bathroom. We should watch the child to rinse the soap and cover again the glans with the foreskin after finished cleaning.

• The washing is just like any other part of the body of the child, with water and soap and rinse off in the end.
• Dirty diapers should be changed in time
• If the child spends time exploring his body try to leave to do so, leaving it for a little naked without diaper or without underwear if you want.
• Do not put antiseptic creams or solutions in the “preventive” but only if there is infection.

What is balanitis?

Mo is rare sometimes develops irritation to the penis area which can develop into balanitis by swelling, redness, pain.

Often diagnosed balanitis without something. Often, especially in small groups, a reddening at the top of the foreskin is observed. It can be induced by erethimso soiled diaper from soap scum when not thoroughly remove water or the parent or physician attempt to pull the foreskin down. Therefore the simplest is to avoid such situations, there are frequent diaper changes, the area was rinsed thoroughly with water, placed in infants hydrophobic cream, including the penis area. Bath for some time and soak in warm water helps with a good sweep end.

In other cases parents or doctors think they are abnormal sebum, one white to yellowish thick secretion that contains cells that have detached from the foreskin. Sebum is completely normal, has protective properties and slowly disappears by itself. You should not remove violent and no treatment is needed.

In actual balanitis glans part of or all of the glans inflamed with redness, swelling and pain. There may be purulent discharge from the penis. The child may be hurt once urinating. The treatment is done locally in antiseptic and antibiotic formulations, while the warm bath may also help.