Person: What Takes Up The Holidays Skin Care

Skin care

The celebrations of Christmas and New Year find many women are anxious about their appearance. This year, it is to be organised in time.

Do not let your facial last time. Choose to take care of a treatment that will not pester you, is humane and effective. The talks with the Apostle Gaitani, plastic surgeon, for the latest non-invasive methods of aesthetic medicine.

Facial Moisturizers

The solution: Mesotherapy with hyaluronic

One of the first on your list should be to hydration with the method of mesotherapy, when small bites with multivitamin preparations provide instant hydration, radiance and firmness, completely painlessly and safely. Now, if your skin is very dry and signs of dehydration strongly, together with mesotherapy you can mix and injection of hyaluronic acid, thereby enhancing the health of skin ageing and improving wrinkles, filling them. It applies to specific diluted form that helps stimulate the skin and lasts 3-4 months. Hyaluronic acid holds an important role in the skin and works by attracting and binding water. Thereby improves elasticity and can offer a fresher, younger and glowing face. The skin’s ability to retain moisture can be improved by placing a small amount of the injectable material is diluted, in the form of mesotherapy, the most superficial layer of skin where there is a need for hydration.

Regenerating facial treatment and freckles & discolorations.

The solution: The laser

In facial renewal may also help the laser treatments. To laser, pixel is ideal for the renewal and regeneration of the skin. Can restore the areas that show signs of ageing, to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It also significantly improves scars from acne or injury and gives a more youthful and vibrant look to the tired face. This method is based on the selective destruction of the target – removal of the outer layer of the skin by sublimation of tissues damaged – to microradians which partially penetrate the skin, accelerating in this way the process of healing. The laser «maps» skin like a grid composed of many small parts (pixels) and is aimed only at those posting the problem indication. By maintaining the intact tissue environment recovery is rapid, and the body is removed by the lymphatic route only particles “hits” the radius and the appearance of the skin is established much faster since the injury is partial and does not affect healthy cells .

Wrinkle correction

The solution: The botox

Erases wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet), the glabella and forehead. A fine needle, the popular injectable product is injected in points and immobilises the muscles that cause wrinkles. A small irritation persists 30 minutes after application, and immediately return to your daily activities. Within 7-15 days seen the end result. At about 6 months after botulinum toxin begins to “leave” the muscles, and if the process is not repeated, the skin returns to its original state.

Face Firming

The solution: ultrasonic or radiofrequency

* The application of ultrasonic (Ultherapy) based on the ultrasound shock transmitted to the targeted skin depth, as deep or surface desired – to about 2.5 mm, so as to create a small “burn” to the surface of the skin thereby inducing collagen production and offering tightening. The ultrasound energy targets to within the deeper layers of connective tissue and muscle layer of the skin, in the known SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System): the layer that “stretched” in a surgical face-lift. It is a non-invasive lifting offering direct facial tightening with a single treatment. It can be applied to the entire face or in isolated areas. Tightens border and facing the relaxation under the chin, neck and décolleté.

* The application now the Accent RF causes heating of tissue under the skin and acts uniformly providing tightening and collagen production. The treatment is almost painless (this one feels the lightweight heat). It can be carried out in large areas in one session, and unless the person applies to the body where it needs tightening. Usually takes 4-6 sessions to no effect.

Anorthosis skin

The solution: The yarns

It is a form of injection lifting directed kollagonogenisis. With the insertion of the bioabsorbable yarns hypodermic PDO (polydioxanone) activated fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin, causing the skin rejuvenation. Among the many advantages of the lift collagen is the short duration of the application does not leave scars or incisions do not need treatment, the effect is immediate and durable. The material used is fully resorbable and completely safe. When help degrades the tissue n ‘repair itself, by supporting the same time, that n’ rectified and stabilised in the right spot against gravity. The points can become the application is the oval of the face, the neck, the lateral areas of the eye or under the eye. While the body can be applied to the abdomen (bottom, top and side), in the chest, in the neck region. Legs thighs (front interior, back inside), the buttocks and the arms. The amounts and proportions of threads that will be used differentiated and uniquely identified as appropriate. After the application we see a percentage of the final result, and as time passes it is constantly improving with a total length estimated at about two years.

Thank you for your cooperation Mr APOSTOLO cordons, plastic surgeon MD CCST, the member of the Greek Society of Plastic Surgery and the International Association of Plastic Surgeons ISAPS. Associate of Athens Medical Center and the Medical Inter-Balkan Thessaloniki.