Physical, Intense Lashes And Beauty Face

Beauty Face

In order not to waste your time by putting false eyelashes follow the steps below to get the desired result.

In all, we like the strong and long lashes that create an intense, dramatic and sensual look, but false eyelashes are a nuisance, it is not that easier. So before you decide to buy false eyelashes try the following trick.

The secret is to play with different mascara formulas to create volume and length to lashes.

1. Start by spreading a little face powder or an eye shadow lashes to prepare the appropriate basis for mascara.
2. Apply mascara that increases the volume of eyelashes 1-2 coats.
3. Continue with the mascara that increases the length of eyelashes 1-2 coats.

• If you have very sparse eyelashes can add powder or eye shadow between two mascara.
• Before applying the mascara to the eyelashes to clean the brush from unnecessary mascara to avoid creating dust and to be all uniform lashes.