Precious Microelements Plant Health Care

Research is changing what we know about the micro plant and urges us to stop to peel the tomatoes!

Thanks to a new method of analysis of plants and their microdata published in the journal Nature Communications, scientists identified a new valuable and healthy antioxidants and more than 20 metabolites peeled tomatoes and urge us not to peel!

The purpose of the course was not the analysis .. tomato, but the formation of this new assay which shows that bioactive components traditionally associated with a particular plant species, it encountered many more plants from many researchers believed so far.

Experts explain that plants produce more than one million micro and any plant containing about 15,000 on average. Experts led by Professor Asaph Aharoni of the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of the Israeli Institute of Science Weizmann built a database containing metabolites of plants and called WeizMass. Then, the teacher Aharoni designed a tool called MatchWeiz, and assisting in the identification of metabolites is each plant. By means of this method, it appeared that the plants are finished so specialised in their metabolism as originally thought. For example, valuable microelements of exotic plants can be found in other, much more common plants. In fact, many of these metabolites are often particularly useful in the production of medicines.