Primo Boost Keto – Top RATED Ketogenic Supplement of (2019)

To attend an upcoming wedding, I wanted to lose a few pounds to fit in my new dress. That’s why I bought Primo Boost Keto. This promises a quick and easy slimming with the help of Natural extracts ketosis process.

But what are the fat burners and superfruit really worth? In my self-test, I’ll tell you if the product really helped me! Read for yourself how I got off with the weight loss tablets…

Introduction to Primo Boost Keto:

Primo Boost Keto is a dietary supplement, more specifically capsules for a weight loss and diet. According to the manufacturer, the preparation should ensure effective and lasting weight loss without the dreaded yo-yo effect. The capsules are made in the United States.

Primo Boost Keto

Who is the manufacturer and is the fat burner a serious product?

The fat burner comes from the brand Primo Health Nutrition, called Primo Boost for short. This is a Ketogenic Supplement. This brand is known to pay attention to natural ingredients.

In addition, Primo Boost Keto capsules are manufactured in the United States. That was very important to me personally. Because this also ensures that the quality is right. The manufacturer is therefore definitely serious!

Ingredients & Composition:

The recipe of the weight loss tablets is based on Garcinia Cambogia & Ketogenic Process (Ketosis). Garcinia Cambogia is the fruitlet of a tree named Tamarind. This fruit is also known by the name of Indian pumpkin and contains as active ingredient hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

HCA naturally inhibits enzymes in the body so that fewer fats are processed in the digestive system. In addition, the active ingredient curbs the appetite by increasing the serotonin level and thus provides more energy and better mood.

Ingestion and Dosage Instructions:

For best results with Primo Boost Keto, the product should be taken as recommended by the manufacturer. This indicates that the capsules should be taken daily whole with plenty of water. This should be done best before meals.

Overview of the effect of Primo Boost Keto

I have already taken a closer look at the active ingredients contained in the weight loss capsules. Now I would like to explain shortly which effects of the Primo Boost Weight loss supplement exactly promises. These are:

  • Suppression of hunger
  • Promotion of fat burning
  • Effective support when losing weight
  • Permanent weight loss
  • No yo-yo effect
  • Preventing food cravings

Users about Primo Boost Keto – Reviews, Tests, and Opinions

Primo Boost Keto sounds like a very promising product. But of course, I’m interested in the experiences with Primo Boost other users and customers! For this, I have looked around the internet on various pages and also in forums.

During my research, I came across a test report in which a user reports that she really helped PrimoBoost Keto lose weight very quickly. She feels much better now and is happy about her new and better body feeling. It is also positive that she can keep her weight very well with her fat burner tablets.

On the net, I came across even more reviews from customers, here is a small excerpt of some reviews on Amazon:


Have you already had experience with Primo Boost Keto? Then share your experiences and exchange ideas with other users and customers. Just use the comment function under this post.

4 Weeks Self-Test of Primo Boost Keto – That’s What Happened to Me

Let’s get to the exciting part, my self-test. I already wrote that I really wanted to lose a few pounds to fit in my new dress.

I had already asked in advance how best I could lose weight. In the process, I came across the topic of fat burners and, after intensive research, finally decided on Primo Boost Keto on the basis of the good ratings and ingredients.

I ordered the fat burner on the website of the manufacturer and, because I wanted to lose weight in a short time, I ordered 1 can. This amount should last for 4 weeks, as 90 cans are contained in one can.

The delivery was quick. After just a few days, I kept my package intact in my hands. Incidentally, the manufacturer also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

The Result: Did Primo Boost Keto work for me?

Every day I took the fat burner capsules before meals. Unfortunately, the first 3 days did not do anything on the scales. However, I did not want to give up that quickly and continued to take my Fatburner capsules every day.

And indeed, in the days that followed something has finally happened. After 10 days, I was curious about the scales and I was curious! From the result, I was really surprised, in the past 14 days I had already lost 3 pounds.

After another week, I have again put on the scales. Again I had lost 1.5 kg. So I already lost 4.5 kilos after 3 weeks!

Motivated, I also pulled through the last week to finish my self-test properly. At the end of the 4 weeks, I weighed myself again and took some more weight, a total of 6 kg!

The madness! This saved my party because I was able to wear my dress bought especially for the occasion. Personally, Primo Boost Keto has been able to convince absolutely. Primo Boost Keto receives a clear buy recommendation from me!

Did I experience any Side Effects after using Primo Boost Keto?

For 4 weeks I took the fat burner. Despite daily intake, I had no side effects. On the contrary, I felt much fitter and more balanced than before!

By the way, I have to admit that I’m a little sporty muffle. That’s why I did not really do sports for my weight loss test with Primo Boost Keto. I have not really changed my diet either. It went by itself because during the last few weeks my hunger became less and I was actually much faster than before.

Buy Primo Boost Keto – Where Available?

Primo Boost Keto, you get currently only on the website of the manufacturer. You can order here very easily and also without shipping costs. In addition, there are always directly on the homepage of the manufacturer always great discount promotions and cheap special offers.

I link you here the official site of the manufacturer, so you can make yourself a better picture.

Price Comparison: Costs and Prices of Primo Boost

The manufacturer offers Primo Boost Keto in different sets. Here it is even possible to get up to 2 doses of the fat burner for free. In detail, the prices of the sets look like this:

  • One Can Total: $ 39.00
  • 3 Cans Total: $ 78.00

(Here you pay only 2 cans and get the third can for free, the price of a single can is only 26 Dollars)

  • 5 Cans Total: $ 117.00

(You pay for this set only 3 cans and get a total of 2 cans for free. That’s a price of 23.40 Dollars per can)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you still have questions about Primo Boost Keto? Then just write to me. Below I answer you most frequently questions about the product.

Is Primo Boost Keto available in drugstores like CVS and Walgreens, or pharmacies?

I could not find the product during my research either in drugstores, such as CVS or in pharmacies

Where is the product made?

This Keto supplement is produced by Primo Boost an American Company.

Is it possible to buy these capsules on Amazon or eBay?

I could not discover the capsules on Amazon. From purchase on eBay, I would personally advise against because you only buy a third party and cannot know whether you really get the original product.

How and when should you take the weight loss capsules?

3 times a day, preferably after meals

Primo Boost Keto Review – Worth the purchase?

What can I say in conclusion to Primo Boost Keto? The active ingredient of the fat burner, which is based on fruit with Garcinia Cambogia, I find very exciting. The ingredients are natural certainly better tolerated by a chemical means.

There are many positive customer opinions about PrimoBoost Keto on the net. These look very authentic to me and therefore credible. This was also one of the main reasons why I decided to buy this fat burner just for my weight loss test and self-test.

In my own test of PrimoBoost Keto under real conditions, I finally convinced myself of the effect. The product really impressed me. Within just 4 weeks, I lost 6 kilos! Also, I can absolutely recommend Primo Boost Keto, if you want to lose a few kilos quickly.

In addition, the product is compared to other similar products very cheap to have, especially because the manufacturer offers special offers every now and then.

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