Researchers Connecting Genes With Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss


Among 27 mutations associated with aging that scientists investigated in experimental animals, 2 were associated with disorders of hearing.

Scientists in the UK identified a gene that when mutated may possibly play a role in hearing problems associated with something giransi- hoping that could lead to new treatments.

The Dr. Lindsay Wilson, the Medical Research Council, said that as we age we have an increased risk of many diseases, aging such as diabetes, the Medical Research Council cardiovascular disease, hearing loss and dementia.

Our genes can affect the above but it is difficult to know what to do or how, he added. New research increases understanding of the genes associated with aging and disease and could potentially lead to new treatments.

Researchers induced random mutations in mouse genes before they are born, watching the growing up and searching genes involved in any age-related disease appeared.

Among 27 mutations associated with aging that scientists investigated, two were associated with hearing disorders due to aging – Slc4a7 and Slc4a10. Both are also associated with diseases associated with vision and one of these was not a known risk factor far.