Slim Walking! Women Fitness


Try to make your walking more effective with the programs we recommend. Soon you will see her lose the pounds you want without anxiety and excessive stress.

Take advantage autumn days and start your morning with walking. Try to do your errands, leaving the car farther away from your destination (about 20 minutes walk).recommend. The experts argue that walking 30 minutes a day are enough to keep your metabolism high and improve your image. So get up a little earlier in the morning and worry about yourself.

Walk to the type that suits you
one. Simple walking: This is for the simple pace to do it without any tension, small stride and average speed 2-4 km. Per hour. Does not make any particular adjustment in cardiorespiratory system and there is no way to exercise only in particular cases (people with musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, as well as people from heart surgery).
2. Athletic-dynamic walking: The stride is quite large (opening over 50 cm). At no stage of the movement we have to air both feet simultaneously. H arm movement is intense, giving rhythm and harmony. The body has a relative tilted forward and the velocity ranges from 4.5 to 6.5 km. Per hour.
3. Badin: The race walking is characterized by an intense and peculiar movement in the basin. During the phase of stride, one pad should always have contact with the ground while his hands perform intense traffic. H speed can be up to 9 km. Per hour, while the opening of stride close to one meter.

Where and how benefits
Generally walking is suitable for all ages, regardless of fitness and physical qualities. ● It is very accessible and recommended for individuals having cardiovascular problems. The mild tension and the low degree of difficulty allow for gradual and safe adjustment of the functions of the heart. ● It is suitable for people with excess weight, since no charges joints from vibration. Along with swimming is the most effective way to weight loss and fat burning, because the low degree of difficulty allows prolonged activity and burning more calories. ● Like all aerobic activities, so walking helps improve endurance and general fitness, giving general well-being and euphoria. ● Boithaei also improve some health indicators (reducing cholesterol, improving blood pressure), and reduce the chances for a disease (myocardial infarction, health effects due to smoking, minimizing occurrence of hereditary diseases).

CALORIES consumed

MEN (80 kg) Women (60kg)
4 km / h (30 ‘) 116 kcal 94 kcal
5.5 km / h (30 ‘) 155 kcal 116 kcal
6.5 km / h (30 ‘) 250 kcal 214 kcal
(5.5 km / h uphill 4% -30 ‘) 236 kcal 117 kcal
● From the second week you can purchase dumbbells especially for walking (0.5-1 kg), which are mounted on the palm and help to increase the intensity and degree of difficulty.
● At the end of the activity you may want to make 2- 3 stretching exercises, especially for the legs and torso. This will avoid the known “grips” and relieve the muscles.

What you should know
H duration of walking should be such as to be able to make incremental adjustments to the body and reduce fat. Experts recommend 20-60 minutes of continuous aerobic activity, which should be modified for different categories. The subjects with moderate fitness will have to walk at least 20 minutes, while beginners will be limited to 10 minutes (2-3 times a day). H increasing the duration will be gradual, and see that you adjust the requirements of the program.
H frequency related to the intensity and duration of activity, and with your level of fitness. H suggested frequency is 3-5 times per week.
H intensity of walking and the rate swings determine the total burning calories and weight loss. From its nature, even the dynamic walking can not raise high volumes, thus enables one to prolong the activity and increase the combustion total. H exercise intensity should be such that it allows you at any time to talk without breath. The surest way is to control heart rate. Try to keep your heart rate at 60-90% of maximum heart rate (where M.K.S .: 100% = 220 – age).

The following program is for people who have never exercised in their lives or have stopped any physical activity for several years. Here they can join and people from recent injury or postoperative stage (with the approval of a doctor).

0-3; Warm up with leisurely walking 2-3 km / h
3-8 ‘ Gradually accelerate your step with busy hands 3,5-4,5 km / h
8-17 ‘ 2 ‘athletic walking 1’ leisurely walking (repeat the cycle three times) 5-6,5 km / h 4,5 km / h
17-20 ‘ Recovery leisurely walking 2-3 km / h


1st week 3 times 50-60 20
2nd week 3 times 60 24 ‘
3rd week 4.3 times 70-80 28
week 4 5.4 times 80 30

0.2 ‘ preheat walking 3,5-4 km / h 0%
2-10 ‘ 3 ‘athletic walking 1’ walking hand turns (repeat the cycle 2 times) 5-6,5 km / h 4-4.5 km / h 0%
10-20; 3 ‘athletic Walking 2’ walking (repeat the cycle 2 times) 6.5 km / h 5 km / h 0% 4%
20-26 ‘ 3 ‘minutes walking sports 3’ walking 6,5 km / h 5 km / h 0% 6%
26-28 ‘ 2 ‘athletic walking 6.5 km / h 0%
28-30 ‘ 2 ‘recovery 3,5 km / h 0%

1st week 3 times 60-70 30
2nd week 3 times 70-80 34
3rd week 4.3 times 80-90 38 ‘
week 4 5.4 times 80-90 40 ‘