6 + 1 Unknown Slimming Secrets You Need to Keep In Mind For Healthy Life

slimming secrets
Slimming Secrets Because apart from the diet there are other ways to limit the calories you eat.

The food is fun and if you belong to the lovers, then do not just swallow mouthfuls, but experience a unique ritual, which brings together all your senses. Taking advantage of this very fact, it is possible to limit the calories ingested from your daily diet and lose the few extra pounds that plague you.

1. Build atmosphere – Slimming Secrets
Yeah, well understood. Light candles and put soft music, because according to research environmental stimuli, such as lighting and music, affect more than you think you’re ( Healthy figures )   eating behavior. Researchers examined whether the change in the atmosphere of a fast food restaurant can change the way you eat diners and the results were impressive. The lowest lighting and softer music made people not only eat less but also to find their food more enjoyable. In other words; the most relaxed environment increases the pleasure of eating and reduces consumption.

2. Size Matters – Slimming Secrets
You know what is “the Delboeuf» illusion? According to her, if you have two black circles in the same size, the one surrounded by a larger circle will appear smaller, even if in reality it is not. The same illusion occurs when you put the same amount of food in a large and a small dish since the same amount of food seems more into the small dish and less in the big. Conclusion; Replace your dinnerware large dishes with smaller and use oblong instead of wide and close glasses.

Spread your table cloths which have a strong colour difference from your plate. This seems to help to realise the size of your portion.

3. Add flavoring – Slimming Secrets
Flavour is half the pleasure of eating. Remember how opens your appetite when you smell a favourite food or smells coming from the opposite furnace. Adding herbs and spices can create the illusion that you enjoy a rich dish, but have added flavour enhancers, such as salt,( Healthy figures ) sugar and fat. Small-scale research has shown that the intensity of flavours, such as vanilla in a food can affect the size of the corresponding mouthful. More specifically, the most intense flavours of food led to lower bite size and hence a smaller consumption of food, but also the longer meal.

4. Start counting – Slimming Secrets
Forget the advice Mum does not play with your food and start the game, enough at the same time to chew your bite. A study published in the journal «Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics» found that those who have doubled the time they chew their food before swallowing ended up consuming 15% less food. Eating slowly, giving the necessary time to your hormones to notify the brain that you’re full. On the other hand, when you eat quickly, the saturation signal is not enough time to reach the brain, so eat more than necessary. Therefore, chew slowly will help you eat less.

5. Sleep at night – Slimming Secrets
Close lights, turn off cell phones, televisions and close to surrendering arms of Morpheus. Lack of sleep seems to influence various hormones related to appetite, metabolism of glucose and weight control. It is characteristic that people who work in night shifts find it more difficult to maintain their weight and have worse eating habits than those who sleep well at night. Also, people with sleep disorders are more likely to be overweight and health problems, such as insulin resistance and diabetes type 2.

6. Focus on eating – Slimming Secrets
Do not distract your attention during the meal. Research published in the journal «American Journal of Clinical Nutrition» showed that people who eat while watching television, listening to music or reading consume 10% more food per occasion. According to the same survey, a review of 24 studies, it can be gathered during the food can help in weight loss, but also maintain a normal weight.

Prefer warm! – Slimming Secrets
The scene knew: Come from work or the gym tired and hungry, remove the food from the refrigerator, put it in a dish and bon appetit! If you can not find something wrong with this picture, we inform you that this habit can fatten you. Why; Because the cold food consumption may result in uptake larger amount since the fat components are mainly in the solid form, thus not diffuse as easily your taste buds. On the other hand, the hot food, the fat is in liquid form, so it spread across the surface of the tongue, causing the brain to … satisfied and gives the signal to stop eating.

Slimming Secrets – Vegetables cut into thin slices look more, giving you the impression that you eat more.

THANKS FOR THE COOPERATION Mr. MARIA Kolotourou, clinical dietitian-nutritionist, MSc. By Healthy figures