Smart Tips to Slim Down, Depending On Your Body Type


We’re all good preparation and correct target! Why eating right is one, but the needs of all women and much different! Else you have to act if your problem is on hips and otherwise if you tummy.

Smart, casual and practical tips to slim down depending on your prototype! The Clinical Dietitian Nutritionist Georgia Napoli have all the necessary information. “So choose what suits you always combined with a balanced diet, have patience and perseverance and will accomplish the desired results, ” says dietitian.


1. Put it on the list o a super market! Start very slowly and has replaced flour, bread, nuts, cereals, rice and pasta with whole grain respectively.

Why; Wholegrain foods are high in fibre and thus help the body remains ‘fuller’ for longer, preventing insulin surges that trigger fat storage, especially in the abdomen.

2. Remember to get green tea! Take out the basket and each kind of drink preferred in place of tea, especially green tea.

Why; The secret lies in catechins, natural antioxidants of the tea, which according to surveys enhance the metabolism and help reduce visceral (abdominal) fat. The above finding was confirmed by the survey conducted by Tomonori et al, as women have lost 3 centimetres from the waist, without changing other habits.

3. Do not forget the traditional Greek yoghurt. Yes, it is the first that comes to mind when you say the word diet. And it must know that it is good … Eat two servings daily half-fat yoghurt.

Why; Give the body the required amount of calcium for regulating metabolism and burning fat. Specifically, when calcium intake from food is high, the concentration in the blood increases, thereby reducing the secretion of the hormone calcitonin, which prevents hydrolysis, and increases storage of fat in the form of triglycerides in adipose tissue. Indeed, in a study done at the University of Tennessee found that obese adults who ate three servings of half-fat yogurt 61% more body fat and 81% more belly fat than those They did not eat yoghurt.

4. Put the fish program every week! Two to three times a week planned to fish with economic choices such as sardines, anchovies or pout. also calculated 30kg unsalted nuts every day.

Why; Their high content of omega-3 fatty acids improves insulin sensitivity, which helps to strengthen muscles and reduce belly fat.

5. Do not sit minute … put movement into your daily routine. There is no need to enrol in the gym! Choose one of the programs of LIFE [Click here], come out-out there for running or walking, use the good weather and the sea.

Why; Anaerobic exercise 30 minutes daily will help in the metabolic rate and burn abdominal fat. He noted that the abs will not help much.

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People mainly accumulate fat in the hips, it is not necessary to follow a specific diet. course Applying a balanced diet should pay attention to detoxify the body from toxic substances that accumulate fat causing cellulite. Here we focus on hydration and antioxidants.

1. Drink water. A lot of water. But coffee (two to three cups), juices, tea, semi-skimmed milk. Take care to drink 10 to 12 glasses a day.

Why; Enhance lipolysis, the toxins and enhance the appearance of orange peel, which is often present in people with increased gluteal region.

2. Do strength training! Exercises that use body weight exercises with dumbbells and general programs that focus on muscle toning.

Why; If foci stimulating the upper body – chest, arms and back – then you will be able to change the structure of your body and thus not “ringing” in the eye of the region! Moreover, you with appropriate exercises for the hips to reductions points locally.

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3. Make the Gospel the rule of frequent meals. You know very well … small meals many times a day is the secret to catching place proper nutrition!

Why; Apply frequency of meals, so that you control hunger and satiety and do not get away in an amount of food which leads to caloric excess and increased fat storage in the points at issue.