Some Tips And Tricks To Improve The Skin

Improve The Skin

Every girl dreams of the perfect skin color and the perfect person.

But the skin is affected by a number of factors, which are often overlooked – food, bad habits, duration and quality of sleep, gastrointestinal tract, skin care, and even mood! And if you make coffee or alcohol abuse, smoking, poor sleep, not caring for the skin and do not follow the basic rules, you will never achieve good skin condition. This article will give you some tips and tricks to improve the skin.


The simplest rule – treat skin. This includes the morning and afternoon of purification (such as makeup, as well as particles of dust, sweat), continuous hydration and nutrition. The biggest mistake girls – not wash off makeup at night – leads to clogging of pores and formation of inflammation. Observe also that your hair less frequently occurring skin as absorb dirt and dust, and can also cause inflammation of the skin and the formation of acne. Do not forget rubbing – should be used at least 2 times a week. Daily lubricate skin nourishing and moisturizing factors contribute to the improvement of skin color.

 Healthy diet

 Consuming large amounts of sweet, fatty, starchy foods, salty, sharp negative effect on the skin.

Therefore, if you do not follow a diet, you should try to separate the food, most of the vegetables and fruits, avoiding alcohol and coffee consumption of fish and foods that contain vitamins A and E.

We must give up canned foods, beverages, instant foods, sausages, mayonnaise, margarine, chips and restricted in the use of salt and sugar. And to determine the outcome, you need to drink a day for at least 1, 5 liters of water.

The movement and fresh air

When you walk in the fresh air enriched with oxygen the body that influence the skin.

It becomes more healthy and fresh look. So do not miss any opportunity to spend time outdoors. Regarding traffic, improve metabolism, which helps rid the body quickly. This, in turn, is the best effect on the skin. Move more, go to the gym, engaged in jogging, exercise, and skin will thank you beauty and luster.

For skin health and your beauty shone, use these simple rules.