Before you start to love, you can stop it now!

Is it bad?

“Sex is more interesting on screen and pages than on pages.” – Andy Warhol, American artist

The bodies are very different functions in our body. Two bodies do not work for the same function. They do several tasks. For example, reproduction and precipitation are two body functions and both of them will attend the same organs in our body.

We must protect our bodies healthy. And in this way keep the rules of hygiene. And when it comes to parties that are literally “waste” and “foreign contacts”, we can not avoid further caution.

According to the American head of the Urologist, David Kaufmann, it should worsen before urine sexual relations starts and then it will break. Give it to this article and find out why it is important to follow this rule!

They say that a great love should not have been for love.

We all know what our genitals are every day. But do you know that if urine urine for love is sensitive to bacterial infections?

What will happen if you violate the rules?

Bacteria into the vagina into urethra. When you urinate, the bacteria turns out. Even if you do not consume after love, bacteria can enter the bladder and cause the infection.

By an experienced urologist

The statement by David Koummann in a Yahoo health statement says: “This is a big mistake by women.

For the prevention of bacterial infections.

To prevent infection, wash your personal part before you. In addition, wash the genital organs for 100% hygiene.

Irritation after sex is great Yes!

Never bind you before sex because it has a negative impact on your health. But then stopping prevention.

Worsen or feel oppressive

Cut the following activity if you feel pressure and avoid dehydration of drinking water.

Get a promise to follow the rule.

Do not say that the gastrointestinal tract and yes. Be healthy and stay sexy.

There is not too much pressure.

If you have additional pressure to open a sexual relationship, go ahead and get free and satisfied.

Good time to develop.

There are many things when you are drunk. But, the rule is not followed by the earlier sex.

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