Starting The Flu, You Can Heighten Your Organization!


Vitamin D, mushrooms, green tea and so much more! Starting the flu, winter arrived, it can enhance your diet and adjust your lifestyle!

How would you tackle this challenge without being sick? The answer is simple. Strengthening the “guard” of the body that protects us from all external enemies, the immune system. When healthy, is the shield that protects us from harmful bacteria and viruses. If it is weak, infections such as colds and flu find margin occur.
Use your immune system every day, although perhaps not even know how it works.

Invite Your Nutritional Companions

More and more research shows that the ability of the immune system to kill enemies depends on to some extent on the “fuel” we provide. Some foods contain nutrients-arms for defense. Best to keep your system may include:
Vitamin D: It is considered the “queen” in terms of stimulating the body, because in many ways and very effectively contributes to strengthening the immune system. It has the ability to increase the production of antibodies and accelerate the maturity rate of immune cells.
Magnesium: Magnesium is involved in 75% of the body enzymes and is essential for blood sugar control for the burning of carbohydrates for energy rather than being stored as fat.
Zinc: Zinc deficiency disturbs the control of appetite and causes a loss of taste and appetite, a combination often leads to overeating with a strong flavor.
Chromium: Chromium is a metal that helps to stabilize blood sugar, and therefore the weight. It helps to activate the intake of insulin receptors. Some studies have shown that chromium creates muscle tissue, reduces body fat and lowers cholesterol levels. Chromium reduces the desire for sugar and therefore the appetite for unhealthy foods.
Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids: It is perhaps the only ingredients that although called fatty instrumental in the proper functioning of the metabolism and burn calories, helping each person to follow a special diet to develop physically and mentally.
Coenzyme Q10: It is necessary to allow the fat to use as fuel, may also be required in large doses. It works in conjunction with carnitine and chromium for the mobilization of fat. One study showed that obese patients with inadequate levels of CoQ10 had a significant weight loss when you start taking this component (the dose used in this study was 100 mg a day).
Probiotics: The ‘good bacteria’ which we hear so much past help to strengthen and protect the body from external enemies. Live found in yogurt, in sour milk and some fortified foods (which are added by the industry). Their importance to the increase of resistance becomes immediately understandable if we consider that 70% of our immune system resides in the gastrointestinal tract.
Flavonoids: It has been shown that these substances, which are like vitamins, reduce the rate of aging of the arteries and protected system. If your diet is rich in flavonoids (about 31 g. Per day), results in stimulation will be impressive. How will you manage? Putting in your daily life the oats, tomato, apple, dried cranberries, grape juice, red wine and green tea.

– Sugar and immune

Research suggests that the rises in blood sugar level in our blood equally weakens our immune system. All forms of sugar processed have this property, which is why you need your diet to include a least possible amount of sugar, sweets, biscuits, and drinks.
– Defense and stress

It’s just stress that worries us, after all, we have, but how we react to it. When your body is “wound up” in a state of anxiety in the office, doing fine. But when we leave this situation and want to relax, you will automatically be much more prone to various infections. Reduce So any way you anxiety fits, not to be tested by the organization due to sudden fluctuations. Yoga, sauna, breaths, take a walk, even a hug are actions and movements to protect and keep your body in inner balance.
– Sleep aid

Be sure to sleep well in the days feel more weak and vulnerable to colds, as research shows that proper and relaxed sleep does wonder in boosting the immune system.
– Propolis

The amazing properties, although known for thousands of years, extensively studied the last two decades. It prevents colds due to flavonoids and is recommended for coughs, sore throats, colds, and fever. Take the syrup or candy, or use for washing with seawater.
And because I could not help but give you something new and I like to find and what most “fresh” is, let’s make an introduction to the “Mushroom Magic”: Numerous studies conclude that these have strong antimicrobial action, operated by of catarrh and contribute to immune activation. Take a supplement combined with vitamin C and zinc, in consultation with your far¬makopoio. It was observed that the mushroom displays important protective properties for the body by enhancing the anoso¬poiitiko. Indeed, Dr. Papacharalambous, vice president of Scientific Etairei¬as Preventive Medicine and Aging, suggests that substance in addition to an effective increase in the defense.