Simple Everyday And Dietary Advice To Avoid

Advice To Avoid

The stroke may occur at any age. Let’s look at some simple tips that shield our body from a stroke.

The stroke may occur at any age. But in people over 65 years have a higher risk of stroke. Let’s look at some simple tips that shield our body from a stroke.

Finally smoking

Cigarettes cause atherosclerosis and increases the chance of thrombosis. Caution pressure with frequent exams. And cardiological control.

Eliminates stress and depression

Create long-term problems in our bodies.

Reduce salt

Increases the pressure, watch your weight and add exercise into our lives. Even 20 minutes daily walk are enough to avoid a stroke.

Reduce alcohol

The logic our consumption is good. Exaggeration, not raising the pressure.

Beware of migraines and hormonal therapies. We must inform our doctor if you suffer from migraines and careful in taking contraceptive pills and hormone. Cause blood clotting.

Healthy diet

Too many fruits, vegetables and less red meat. Tomatoes, watermelons, and blueberries contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that gives us great protection. Olive oil, chocolate and whole grains reduce ischemic stroke chances.

Low fat dairy products. And citrus whose antioxidant activity is great and makes human allies against stroke. The magnesium-rich foods, such as legumes, nuts, whole grains and leafy vegetables. For every 100 mil. Magnesium consumed every day a man is reduced by 9% the risk of cerebral ischemic event.

Many fish

Known for their beneficial properties (O3) is the best that we can add to our daily diet.