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It can be acute otitis when suddenly appears and the duration is brief or chronic if it occurs repeatedly for a long time.

In all cases of otitis it is to be noted that in the house can not be a substitute for drug otitis a supplement to relieve pain and accelerate the healing process.

Otitis of the most recommended home remedies to reduce infection is dry heat.

Otitis do this, take an insulated bag, fill it with warm water, cover with a dry cloth otitis and place it over the infected ear. The heat produces an otitis analgesic effect and ease the pain in your ear quickly.

Otitis is a food that has many health benefits and medicinal products, including otitis media and anti-inflammatory properties, so it is an excellent home otitis to treat ear infections. So, you should prepare a garlic oil otitis currently two to three drops in the infected ear with the help of an ear infection. To make the oil should heat a cup of olive oil in otitis. Crush two cloves garlic fine and add oil when otitis hot, remove it for a few minutes. When the oil has absorbed garlic otitis fire, the strain to be alone with the liquid and let cool otitis.

When lukewarm, type the dropper and apply. If you otitis E capsules, adds oil when it is hot.

After otitis oils, lavender is one of the most effective treatments for inflammation otitis pain caused by anti-inflammatory Health food store or make your own ear infections by following the instructions in this article on how to make homemade oil otitis. Apply two or three drops in the infected ear with an ear infection.

Olive oil is another natural remedies that can help alleviate the pain.

Just Heat half a teaspoon of olive oil, soak a cotton ball in it, otitis drip and place it in the ear entrance, let otitis hour.

Eucalyptus is one of the most beneficial for treating otitis otitis plants and pain relief. For this purpose, it is best otitis generate steam with leaves, since they help to disinfect the ear and otitis inflammation. To get the eucalyptus steam, you have to put a liter of water to boil otitis with two or three leaves of the plant. When boiled, otitis from heat and place on a top of the container lip.

Then make a paper otitis and put the widest part toward the container (without otitis allows to avoid moisture and undo) and infected ear in otitis tip cone, and the steam will penetrate more easily. You can use otitis treatment at home before going to sleep.

Chamomile otitis one of the most natural herbs with medicinal properties, therefore, it is widely used otitis home therapy against otitis. In a glass, add a teaspoon of hot oil and chamomile drops otitis, remove it and apply a little of this mixture otitis the infected ear.

You can use a dropper and pour two drops or soak cotton otitis, drain drip and place it at the entrance of otitis ear for an hour.

Finally, one of the most popular otitis therapies for treatment of ear infections is onion. Take an onion, cut otitis many pieces and put it on a napkin. When crushed, wring otitis the same towel to absorb the juice,
remove onion pieces and hot compress. Then, place the ear otitis. Another way to use this baking onion, hitting for otitis, strain to remove any lumps, adding a little olive oil or almond oil otitis and apply a few drops with dropper (it is very important that the otitis is at body prior to insertion in the ear).

If you have a fever or otitis has hit the drum, do not use in the house,
because it could damage your hearing. Go to your doctor to start a treatment of otitis.