Tabata: Lose Pounds In a Few Minutes

Lose Pounds I

Fit four minutes!

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or a statement by one expert, by those who routinely come in midday emissions. However, as incredible as it may sound,6 questions is what we you.

What is.

The technique takes its name from its creator, Japanese researcher Dr. Izumi Tabata. It is a method of exercise bout in a very hectic or otherwise a short interval training program where intense exercise periods alternated with brief periods of rest. In practice it is a four intense intermittent exercise divided into eight sets. Each set includes 20 training and 10 rest.


What is the aim of?

The burn as much as possible fat in a short time to improve your anaerobic capacity (the ability to exercise at maximum intensity, but for a while), and increase your muscle strength. The intense effort in within these few minutes makes the heart work throughout the duration of the program, and after its end. Extra profit, then, that you burn more calories, boosting your metabolism.

Who can Tabata?

Anyone who wants to burn more quickly fat and calories and improve gymnastic performance. The “key” to a successful session Tabata is that you can catch high volume in a short time. So, if you are healthy and you exercise, you will not have much difficulty in getting started.

What to watch?

This is a very intense form of exercise, so it is good to have in mind a few things:

* The maximum forces each person is different, so if you feel unwell should stop.

* If you are a beginner or have time to work out, it is advisable to start slowly and it may take some of the program variants (eg less intensity exercise and longer breaks).

* Before you begin, consult your doctor. Those experiencing health problems (eg high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems) and pregnant women need to be especially careful and may not be able to attend the program. In any case, the opinion of specialists (doctor, trainer) is necessary.

What I need;

Beyond form, sneakers, a towel and a bottle of water, it is advisable to bring along a stopwatch, because due to the tension is difficult to keep time from you.

Antikathista my program?

Although the benefits of the Protocol is clear, the method is better to be an addition to your existing program and not to replace it. The high-intensity exercise, if done alone has limited benefits, since it can get fit and strengthen your muscles, but the overall strength will be left behind. Each type of exercise has its benefits, so I need variety. The combination of this program with other exercises (aerobic and anaerobic) will give the desired result.

indicative exercises

1 squat: Bend the knees, making sure not to exceed the height of the toes, and keep your back straight throughout the repetition.

2 “Air Forces”: Press firmly the palms on the floor and give a boost to your feet backwards (push-ups position). Lower the chest towards the floor and bounce again bringing the front legs. Lifted by a rebound and beat Clapping over the head.

3 skipping ropes.

4 Exercise climber: Take the position “board” with your hands at chest level and just outside shoulder width, legs straight and knees together. Bend the right knee and bring it to the right hand, keeping the left leg stretched. Return to starting position and repeat the same movement with the left leg.

NB .: Do each exercise for 20, and continue with 10˝ break. The total is 2’therefore perform another passage exercises to complete the four minutes.