That Is Why People With Blood Group 0 Is Special!


They have particular characteristics

The blood group 0 is a primitive blood type and comes from our ancestors, who were aggressive and cunning hunters. Even today, people who have this blood group are very important in all societies. The leadership skills and their ability to stay focused and energetic are some of those that have the specific people.

They are also productive and powerful. However, when angry becomes stressed, they become impulsive and hyperactive. Poor diet, unhealthy habits such as obesity, low activity of the thyroid and insulin resistance. The genetic heritage allows you to be productive, strong, with long life and optimism.

What makes you unique?

such as thyroid dysfunction and ulceration. Also, often they have insufficient iodine levels and  role is to regulate the thyroid hormones. The imbalance of thyroid hormones can cause many side effects such as fluid retention, fatigue and obesity.

If you have blood type 0, you probably excrete higher levels of gastric acid compared with those from other blood groups. This can lead to ulcers and stomach irritation.

This blood was associated with the kind of personality for a long time in Japan. There was a question even in interviews for a job! These people are described as clustered, dedicated, organized, diligent, responsible and practical. It is believed that they have a better sense of direction and are better logic issues. It is also contemplated that all of the above from the fact that their ancestors were hunters and had to continually observe and reconstruct the environment in order to survive.

Often the stress caused by hyperactivity and excessive anger. People with blood group 0 are more prone to destructive behavior when they are very tired, sad or bored. This destructive behavior may include features such as search of adventure, risk, gambling and impulsivity. So they must avoid alcohol and caffeine. Caffeine may be particularly harmful because it increases the adrenaline and noradrenaline levels which are anyway high in these individuals.

Exercise is very important because it has a relaxing effect on the entire body. Most of those who belong to a different blood group, who belong to the group 0 should.

Exercise 3 to 4 times a week is necessary.

For best results, it is advised to do aerobic exercises 30 to 45 minutes at least 4 times a week.

For this reason, set your goals. Regardless of whether you exercise on an annual, monthly, weekly or daily basis, it is important to avoid impulsive reactions.

If you have blood type 0 must eat all meals and even snacks, seated at the table. Also, when you eat make sure to chew slowly and be relaxed.

Finally, try not to spend money or to make important decisions when you are very anxious. If you are overweight, you should definitely do gymnastics from 30 to 45 minutes. Aerobic exercise is preferably at least 4 times a week.