The 12 Worst Mental Health Habits -Prokaloun Anxiety And Depression

Depression can be “hit” the door for reasons that do not pass by the hand of man. The loss of a loved one, a redundancy, or financial problems may be the cause. There are also small, everyday habits, which also adversely affect our mood, without you realize.

What do social media, exercise, even the way you walk can have devastating effects on mental health. Here are 12 ways in which all sabotage our good mood, according to TIME.

walk awkwardly

How we feel can affect how we walk, but also applies the other way around. Researchers found that when they asked people to walk with their shoulders retracted and stoop, had worse mood. They also brought to mind more negative things than positive.

Shooting everything

As shown study, visitors to a museum, who photographed everything is more difficult to remember what they saw. The lens is essentially a “veil” in front, that few realize.

Allow anyone to intimidate you

Bullying does not end with the school years. Million workers a similar situation live in their work. This can be disastrous, as it makes the victim fragile and still causes difficulty to work.

Not exercising

Those who exercise three times a week, the probability of suffering from depression is reduced by 19% according to a recent study.

Postpone things

If the continuous postponement of an obligation is not due to boredom, but because the liability is causing anxiety and fear of failure, then the continuous postponement of simply extend this predicament.

You are a “poisonous” relationship

Many do not realize that stress can be experienced due to a “poisonous” relationship that keep destroying their self-esteem. Because of their comrades, they begin to believe that they are unable, or selfish. Sometimes it takes years for someone to realize that his problems are due to the relationship.

You take life too seriously

You fall on the sidewalk and instead laugh, gather full of shame. If this reminds you of yourself, then you must find a way to laugh more. Laughter has a positive effect on the health and condition of the brain, according to studies. It is a “fast” drug against anxiety and depression.

no sleep

Sleep affects everything. Emotional and mental abilities, but also the functioning of the body. Sleep is the way it has to regenerate the body and without it, the system is underactive.

You are never alone

Kids, work, wedding, all require time, so most people never left alone. Experts point out that it is necessary to make everyone a break and has its own moments, even for ten minutes, otherwise the depression and anxiety lurking.

You do not speak to anyone

If you primarily use the messages and social media to stay in touch with your friends, no real relationship with them. In Facebook discussions are not real, that allow us to understand people, experts say. Instead, this tactic reduces the experiences and feelings. In addition, personal electronic devices, such as smartphones, affect our attention. Gradually, people have learned to live in virtual reality without meet up close with people. This has consequences in our ability and desire to sit in the same room.

The so many devices cause overstimulation. If we are constantly ” connected ”, never really earned rest, experts explain, the situation that can cause depression or anxiety.

Do many things at once

Most people are accustomed. Lunch at desk, browsing Facebook in front of the TV and the like. Studies have shown that although people think that they are more productive when they do many things at once, this is not true, as it causes anxiety, indifference to the environment and inability to communicate effectively.