The 4 Tips For Not Detonate The Diet on Weekend


The 5 Tips For does not detonate the Diet in Weekend are small steps that make a big difference.

Also, relax in food care on Saturday and Sunday can compromise the entire week of the diet. of course, depending on the amount in one day of the weekend, one can eat more than twice the approved for day to day.

People reduce the week to have a total more released later. But that does not mean eat at will. Also, it is positive to allow a little more pleasure weekend. However, you need to make informed choices and not succumbing to all the temptations. So View 5 Tips Not to detonate the diet at the end of a week.


1. In Pizzeria: The best choices are the fillings of mozzarella with vegetables, rocket salad with dried tomato or tuna because they have fewer calories. Ham and pepperoni sausage should be avoided. Escape of rotation also, not to acquire excess calories and eat a maximum of 2 slices of pizza. Furthermore, an interesting item for consuming these locations is the wine, which is a potent antioxidant. However, the ideal is 1 cup.

2. Restaurant: For your diet at the weekend start with the salad, the Tip is 1 plate (dessert) in a variety of green leaves with colorful vegetables, seasoned with a dash of olive oil or yogurt-based sauce. So you’re satiated faster and avoids the hype. Choose only one type of carbohydrate (rice, potatoes or pasta) and prefer lean or white meats, grilled and always in small quantities. Flee frying and sauce dishes, as these preparations are very greasy. To drink, the best options are coconut water or 1 cup (200ml) of unsweetened fruit juice healthy tips .

3. Party Anniversary: Prefer savoury baked instead of fried. Consume up to 2 cups (400ml) refrigerant, preferably, diet or zero. Do not overdo the sweets and avoid taking them home: so you do not run the risk of eating sweets during the week. One option to control appetite is to consume 1 light soup dish or 1 cup (200ml) of fruit vitamin before leaving home as this will decrease the consumption of high-calorie foods during the event.

4. Barbeque: The ideal is to perform a complete meal on those occasions, preparing a dish with salad, a portion of meat, bread or rice; avoiding pinch until the end of the barbeque.  healthy tips  Also, the sausage, chicken with skin and excess rice, and mayonnaise, bread crumbs and can disrupt the diet. Another obstacle that detonates the diet of the weekend is the beer. Try to reduce the amount to 1 can (350ml) or 2 cups (400ml), alternating with mineral water not to weigh the balance at the end of the day healthy figures healthy tips .