The best Exercises For Burning Fat Weight Loss

Yparchoun Many exercises you can do to burn fat. Here we will provide some of the most good exercises for fat burning.

You can add to your routine to target those specific areas, women tend to be hips and abdomen.

It is important to emphasize that even the very best exercise for burning fat will have no effect unless you combine it with a balanced diet.

Exercise types below, we highlight the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise, two types of exercises that you can do to burn fat. Anaerobic exercises are high intensity and short duration, while aerobic is medium or low intensity exercise for long. Both are effective.

Examples: Aerobic: walking, jogging

 Anaerobic: weightlifting, abdominal

Warm up
The warm up is necessary before doing any of the activities, prepares the body for more strenuous exercise. During this first stage, you have to move all your joints to refine exercises linked to the activity that is going to do later. Do not forget to stretch before and after your program. If you exercise without warming up or stretching exercises before, you may be injured, which will restrict you from follow your exercise program.

Fat burning

As for fat burning, opinions differ. This generally consists of a cardio program for weight loss and then anaerobic exercise to strengthen muscles.

However, the coaches will establish higher intensity exercises with rest periods, which are called frames.

They will confirm the ability of your body to burn fat effectively and speed up your metabolism up to a day for the next exercise. Such exercises should be done with the help of a trainer.

Doing so does not run the risk of harming yourself. Everything has a process and your body needs a period of adjustment, which varies from person to person. Initially, rest periods after the exercises can be longer as you get used to them.

It is also true that we should not focus only on one type of exercise. While keeping a rate, it is important to combine different types of exercise, regardless of whether it is aerobic or anaerobic. It all depends on your physique and the percentage of fat you want to burn.

Keep in mind that this should not become your obsession. programs should be accompanied by proper hydration and naturally the same diet. A man who makes a sedentary lifestyle will not need the same nutrition as an active man who often do exercise with a gradual increase in intensity.

As it is necessary nutritional balance, equally necessary is the exercise. It is essential to consult a qualified person because of it and you have managed to lose the fat that bothers you, you need to make changes in your daily life.

It now depends on you, if you want your body to be thin and visible or if you are more demanding and want more Ripped Muscles.


Keep in mind that to achieve your goal is very complicated, but it’s even harder to keep the improvements you have made. That is why it is necessary, more than one external change, an internal change in your mind. The most extreme diets tend to fail at this stage. Not always, but here it tends to be the case.

A change in lifestyle is a secure investment in the short and long term.

A proper diet plus the recommended exercises will bring positive changes in your life by increasing self-esteem and your energy, good humor, attractive appearance and above all, healthy body. Convince yourself and start the process.

Which exercise then you say to start?