The Best Exercises For Firming The Buttocks

Firming The Buttocks

Some simple exercises can help to stimulate and increase the muscle of the buttocks to look older.

You do not have to follow you at home or at the gym, you can do some of these exercises in your daily activities.
In this article, we will explain step by step, the exercises you can do daily to tighten your buttocks, while it is not at all complicated and does not require much time.
Reheating: Walking
Before you start doing any exercise, it is advisable to do a light warm up your muscles. The easiest way to accomplish this is to do a brisk walking five or ten minutes, which helps to activate blood circulation.

Jumping rope
Jumping rope is one of the most comprehensive exercises helps in firming the buttocks and hips. You can also use it as a warm up or the beginning of a series of exercises. For starters you will make a few hopping that slowly will grow every day. Make sure not jump very high, but high enough to pass the rope under your feet. Do this exercise while you rest on your toes.

Climb stairs
This exercise is available for everyone! And fitness is a way for people who are very busy and do not have time to exercise. Forget the elevator. The stairs are always your first choice. Gradually increase the number of steps to climb every day. You should always try to climb and descend the stairs because every movement exercises different muscles.



Stand while you wait
Another exercise you can do during the day and take advantage of every moment that you stand upright and wait at traffic lights, in the elevator, in the queue, etc. Stand upright with your back should be straight and your weight based contour and your two feet. Slowly tighten and then release.

These famous seats
The seats are one of the best exercises for your buttocks sysfixiton. While strengthening the hips and thighs. Open your legs along your hips and bend your knees as if you are sitting. Every time make sure the straight posture of your back and never bring your knees above your toes. As you do this exercise, stretch your arms straight ahead. Slowly get up and relax your hands.

You can do this exercise with your back to the wall, to the mount there and to keep a straight posture as you come down. In this case, keep your feet at a safe distance from the wall.

Start with 15 seats and increase by 5 every day.

On four
This is a very powerful exercise and soon you will notice your buttocks clamped. Stand on all fours. something soft under your knees to avoid discomforts. Stand with your back straight, horizontal and your belly clenched. Keep your arms straight, perpendicular. Another alternative is to mount your elbows on the floor if hands or your back hurt. Lift one leg up good and straight and then download without touching the ground. Repeat the same process with the other leg.

Also, you can do the same exercise, but with your knee bent at a right angle, lifting it and lowering it again.

To do this exercise, lie on your back, with your legs open and your knees bent along your hips. Stretch your arms down beside your body and slowly lift your body off the ground by tightening inward muscles belly and your buttocks, to avoid injury. Get as high as you can. Then slowly get off and let your back to loosen the soil. This exercise is not recommended for people suffering from spinal curvature (where the spine is tilted forward).

During the weekend or even daily if you can, travel by bicycle, never forget this option. It is an excellent way to tone the buttocks and generally your feet.