The Best Natural Aphrodisiacs

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According to the psychology, aphrodisiac is a substance that enhances sexual desires. Without resorting to extremes, many couples use aphrodisiacs to rekindle the passion.

Learn about some of the most popular and best natural aphrodisiacs from around the world.
What you need to know about aphrodisiacs
Theoretically, an element characterized aphrodisiac if enhances sexual desire. The name comes from the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, who emerged from the sea when Saturn killed his father and threw his genitals into the ocean. Some aphrodisiacs act by stimulating the senses and other consumed as beverages, foods or seasonings.

It is known in all cultures, especially in India, where mentioned in the book “Kama Sutra.”

Different ways to increase the sexual power of the men with food like honey and milk on pages of this book.

The traditional Chinese medicine also uses therapies based aphrodisiac herbs as ginseng, which is thought to increase the longevity and sexual power. For their part, the Arabs give aromas, the scents and cosmetics to increase pleasure in the bedroom. As for the Anglo-Saxons, use plants such as carrots and asparagus, which, according to their own words, used to improve sexual performance.

Modern science recognizes only some substances with aphrodisiac properties. One of these is the Spanish fly. This contains an alkaloid called kantharidini a caustic material which, when used in controlled amounts, dilates blood vessels causing swelling (prolonged erections in men). Considered aphrodisiac until the seventeenth century when, because of a number of poisonings with fatal consequences, stopped being used.

Therefore, we do not recommend the consumption of this substance because it can be dangerous and highly toxic.

The best natural aphrodisiacs
More and more people admit the existence of a problem regarding their performance in the bedroom. This may be due to fatigue problems, anxiety, and even to problems in relationships. If not due to a disease or a physical problem, it is likely that anyone can benefit from these natural aphrodisiacs:

Ginkgo Biloba: This is one of the best aphrodisiacs available because it retains the male sexual organ in excellent condition and increases sexual desire.
Royal jelly: it is a stimulant of the nervous system and genital organs. It may take some time to get results, but they are characterized by safety and durability.
Brown sugar: no reason that is eaten as a dessert after a romantic meal. A light meal hyperglycemic is good for love. The lack of sugar, on the other hand, causes an increase in production of adrenaline, which blocks the hormone responsible for sexual desire.


Celery: acts on urinary organs, and it can act as a mild aphrodisiac, especially if you drink it as soup. When coupled with beetroot has a stronger effect, but you should not mix with lettuce because the benefits are canceled.
Hazelnuts: they say that all nuts have aphrodisiac properties, but hazelnuts particularly, according to a folk tradition. In some communities placed hazelnuts on the wedding, and even on the side baskets to the bed of the newlyweds on their wedding night.
Onion: not recommended to eat both onions (or garlic) at the same time, because the strong smell on your breath can displace any romantic plans. In Arab countries the onion is often used in meals and obviously the companions know how to give pleasure to each other.


Cloves: a spice with a very strong flavor and aroma, but if used as a drink can give you good results.
Raspberry: great for women because it acts as a muscle relaxant in the genital area and caters for romantic encounters.
Ginseng: is considered the “king of aphrodisiacs.” A hot tea fifteen minutes before going to bed is a good dosage. Used by the Chinese and the Koreans for centuries.
Pout: another interesting option for dessert. She is as sweet as the passion that awakens. The Egyptians and the Greeks considered sacred fig tree. There are many customs associated with this fruit, such as figs placement on doors of homes of single women to find a husband quickly.

Maca: This is a food that is not well known in the West. It contains a large variety of nutrients, balance your mind and is also a powerful aphrodisiac. You can eat in small quantities on bread, creams, sauces, soups, etc ..
Mallow: it is a useful herb for the first few times the tension, anxiety and nerves dominate. Beyond that relaxes you, lets you add your passion levels.
Nut: even a nut which still appears the wedding night in many communities, and many Chinese desserts.
Pepper: is a secure and fast aphrodisiac. Do not forget to include it at dinner, along with tomatoes. Remember that it is not for sensitive stomachs, otherwise it will have a completely different effect and may ruin your night.
Parsley: add a little of this plant to your dishes, fresh or cooked, to have a memorable erotic night.


Pistachio: it is expensive and scarce. You can mix with other nuts (such as almonds) and figs. Prepare for what will happen after.
Rosemary: with menthol acts as a “tonic preparation” after supper. Build injectate with both plants.
Dates: even a sacred plant for the Arabs. It contains a large amount of energy to keep you awake all night.
Pollen: This is one of the best aphrodisiacs. Its impact will be felt five days after the start of the year. You can start Monday for a romantic weekend. On an empty stomach, eat a small amount of pollen mixed with orange juice or yogurt. You can also make pulp with pure honey which will add pollen granules.
Avocado: used as a stimulant in Mexico and is also one of the key components of meals. Can be combined with pepper ideal for a night of pleasure, although it should always be careful with the amount for preventing problems.
Chocolate: has many properties and activities in your nervous system and the production of endorphins (happiness hormones). Therefore recommended when you are sad or overwhelmed. It can be a tasty dessert to follow much better after.